Pat micro channel sink ndustrial Park depth cooperation 1 years covering 50 thousand micro provider

recently, pat micro shop and Zhejiang love business wisdom park to reach a long-term support agreement, pat micro shop e-commerce enterprises to love network creative park for expert training, social business platform of knowledge sharing and the special case of Pat micro shop investment welfare policy, help the park of small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises quickly realize the micro business transformation. Help them achieve diversified development. Pat micro shop will also help China’s first micro business entrepreneurship contest to the major cities of the country roadshow promotion, participate in the contest is expected to achieve the national micro platform to maximize the value and benefits.

pat micro shop in order to speed up the pace of the channel sink in the national open, in-depth cooperation with the electricity supplier park layout, based on micro shop cognition and selection, micro shop, micro shop build profit model and enterprise brand route with micro shop to the center of the traffic sources such as strategic and operational issues, to conduct a comprehensive orientation of business support. Just and true love to give wisdom Park cooperation in the next two months, pat micro shop will join the Department and the Department of WeChat Tencent wide point, has strong support in the Hangzhou area, Guangzhou Panyu Xiasha District of Chengdu, Wuhou District and other government Park Orienteering support plan, and plan to further cooperation in 2015 the country with hundreds of Industrial Park, is expected to cover 50 thousand derivative.

compared to other micro shop, pat micro shop has no platform Commission deduction, no store guarantee money, and has secured transactions function of WeChat payment function and zero cost shop and the center of the entrance and the fans economy coexist several advantages. At present, pat micro shop business has more than 20, including many businesses in the micro pat shop have achieved success, such as Guangzhou good fashion pat micro shop, day sales exceeded 2 million 500 thousand, and as the mass brands Ling Du singles pat micro shop sale super 200 cars.

pat micro shop responsible person and pat micro shop seller said, hopes to share these successful social and operational experience to business shop more peers, to help more and more small and medium-sized business platform providers can develop quickly in social, to achieve the next wave of mobile Internet business dreams.

in fact, pat micro shop increasing on the seller’s preferential policies, shortly before the pat Network has just announced the latest support plan, 2015 will be fully exempt from the seller pat micro shop platform using fee, commission deduction and cash payment service fee. The electricity supplier and the country to carry out in-depth cooperation in the park, will let the small and medium enterprises to experience the real experience to pat micro shop for their support, to help them become bigger and stronger in the field of social electricity supplier.

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