After the purchase price of the Amazon will no longer provide price protection

Amazon has always adhered to the "customer centric" concept, but the company’s new policy seems to be a lot of consumers disappointed. Prior to the purchase of goods in the Amazon, if the price of the goods, consumers can notify the customer service and ask for a refund. However, according to a Reddit user and price tracking company revealed that Amazon has stopped this policy at the first month (except TV), no refund of the price difference to consumers.


Amazon’s move may be related to the rise of some start-ups. These companies to track the price of Amazon customers, even in the appropriate time to help consumers to apply for a refund. Losangeles is located in the Santa Monica Earny company is one of them, the company will be the first time this change told Recode.

Earny to search the customer’s e-mail inbox to find the electronic receipt, and then continue to check the price of the retail site, to see whether the price of goods. Another is located in Broolyn’s start-up company Paribus also noted that Amazon’s policy changes.

Amazon spokesman Julie Law said in an interview, Amazon refund the difference policy still applies to the TV products, and the purchase of other goods still receive a refund of the price difference situation should be an exception". Amazon also seems to point to the requirements of these users to provide Amazon account credentials startups. Law said: "we attach great importance to customer safety, we also remind customers not to share their Amazon account credentials with anyone."

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