Electricity supplier to evaluate the selectivity filter or electricity supplier industry, the ultima


business out to shop sales product evaluation function can be a double-edged sword, from the energy point of view, has prompted businesses selling goods, improve service quality, improve customer satisfaction and function, but from the perspective of negative energy, businesses encounter too many restrictions will be diluted profits, this will make service discount, or lose the power of investment in the electricity business platform, it is not willing to lose the business customers for electronic business platform.

then how do, since a lot of business platform to start playing the trick, is also the unspoken rule, on the one hand, continue to provide assessment services, on the other hand, set some filtering in the evaluation of service to protect businesses, so as to enhance the business platform of the God of wealth business satisfaction, but harm the interests of consumers, from the last the results, in fact the electricity supplier platform is gaining short-term benefits, but lost the source of consumers long-term profits.

The harm of

selective filtering is a kind of a heating

on the surface, provided in the comments or praise can effectively relieve businessmen complain, but for consumers is clearly not satisfied, many consumers complain that they buy inventory goods, defective goods in the electronic business platform, there was no business at least service, oneself in the choice of poor, often do not can be submitted, but the choice of assessment when they are able to submit, this result will obviously make further violations of businesses, this is selling defective products, the next may sell is fake, and finally consumers simply do not buy, the business platform for businesses more, without the support of consumers, that is not there is no market price.

according to the simple logic will get the same result, but why businesses and platforms do? Obviously is the interest driven, focusing on short-term benefits, will engage in their own platform and then listed quanqian now basically is the electricity supplier industry development routine, once listed, will live that related to emerge in an endless stream. Now engage in evaluation of unspoken rule is actually a kind of a heating behavior, offend consumers may in a short time there will be a lot of reaction, but look at the group purchase in about a year’s time to collapse, the risk of this behavior is as can be imagined.

filter is again the upper floor or purification electricity supplier environment

is now the electricity supplier industry has actually come to the development of the fork is further forward, or go astray, in fact is that whether the consumer electronic business platform in the most important position, and is the business, and finally their own, of course this is not to let the business platform does not make money, but to do free service. The first good service to consumers and businesses, and then to be able to talk about money, so that it can truly achieve three win-win. But unfortunately, in front of the interests of people are always confused and disoriented easily tempted, accidentally will go astray.

electricity supplier evaluation function is not a decoration, but to really >

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