From online to offline, a small team of two years of entrepreneurial channel transformation



| party ahjian, grape co-founder


at the end of the year, have the opportunity to receive good bestie old Burma’s invitation, let me write the transition team to share with you. In fact, the small business team, are basically in a rapid exploration stage, so there is no so-called transformation. But in the course of more than two years of entrepreneurship, we promote the channel from the line to the line, and then extended to the tablet and overseas, which some of the changes in ideas, you can share with you.

familiar with our group of friends should know that 2012 start at the beginning of our products called "grape social assistant", because 2012 is the mobile Internet social networking, micro-blog, WeChat, thunder is momentum, sing, unfamiliar street, m chat, meet other social goods out of their money, so when we feel social aggregation is a breaking point.

but by the beginning of 2013, we basically gave up the grape social assistant turned to develop the address book plus, while the channel also shifted from online to offline. The main reason is that the online channel as a desire to worship money the female, you not only want to live well, enough hard enough, but also rich; and now offline channels, it allows you to temporarily have no money, but must have integrity.

away from the online channel this desire is not big enough, materialgirl: hard enough, no money, don’t think about anything else

so-called big enough hard, is to see if your product is not a star product, can quickly eat. Such as micro-blog, WeChat, like housekeeper products, not only have a good father to sign the framework is better with the channel position, with subscribers million level, each upgrade can bring huge amounts of data for statistical distribution channels. These products are large enough to be hard enough to hold the position of the machine and the quality.

if you are not hard enough, it depends on whether you have money, with no strong financial resources. In 2012, App, then with the channel business chat, have not it is certainly the first to throw you a quotation, price tag, recommended a one-day cost at least more than 8k.

in 2013, App even worse, because of a number of hard enough big enough money: the nouveau riche Mobile Games developers. Crazy money money, no money to find dad. As money worship and the desire of the channel, like the forty widow saw a young boy, good location good resources to good voice Mobile Games, App only in the side of micro-blog hair, do first.

this tragic environment for us as no godfather, and not spend money investors team, only to find a new way. Also at this time, a chat with friends to do the next line agency pre learned that he has a lot of customers looking for a selling point of the product to achieve mobile phone systems, such as camera like beauty. We feel that the opportunity has come.



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