How to detonate the small universe of rural electricity supplier

rural people to pursue commodity diversification, as well as the city of the urgent need for agricultural products, is the backbone of the rural electricity supplier two, in fact, to really want to detonate the rural electronic commerce must be based on the two main lines, and find a positive cycle: agricultural product sales, income increase, and thus stimulate consumption…


dual eleven climax has not faded, do not know how much his little finger cut chop hand family, also do not know to express brother electric cars is not often on the road no electricity, but do not know how many men and women, in order to make a person so prodigal shopping climax, backache and sustained in 15 days in… Experts are the best deconstruction of this event, and without embarrassment: prediction of consumer shopping is more rational, double next year eleven sales would not be further increased, in short, you pretty cool, some people are cool too


‘s embarrassment, during the double eleven cool or not worth mentioning, or cool head got backache, these are only confined to the city’s online shopping crowd, but in the vast rural areas, we only know that in November 11th, the weather will be colder, where consumers and stores in the old traditional way of the oldest commodity trading, they love the entities in the Commercial Street (also called Fair) on the way love to spend half an hour with the small traders to bargain, pork prices from 10.8 yuan / kg down to 10.5 yuan / kg, more love in a corner of the business street, drink a bowl of tofu curd plus two fire Hejian flesh of a donkey… This is probably the most popular China rural "market model"! In some remote rural areas, not to mention the double eleven, they even have heard of "little business, 90% people only know the next village electrician accidentally gave" electric injury "


according to the Ministry of commerce data show that the total trade of agricultural products in China in 2013 4 trillion, of which 80% is through the traditional market, rural business flow is not large, the data also confirms the author back to his rural home see feel and atmosphere; and the center of Alibaba development boldly predicted that in 2014 the national the online shopping volume will reach more than 180 billion yuan, in 2016 will exceed 460 billion yuan, perhaps we can doubt the accuracy of the data, but they reflect the same trend, namely e-commerce in rural areas there is one trillion market potential, with the city and the slow development of the electricity supplier, the price war to create a pool of blood the Red Sea, the giant gangster has already begun the layout of rural, in short, like a restless volcano, rural electricity supplier fluctuation 20 minutes and man. Seiya little universe, every minute has the possibility of the outbreak of


business model: the introduction to bring out

, Liu Qiangdong and Ma Yun are optimistic about the reason why the rural electricity providers, mainly because it is really a brewing molding market, which is not just a slogan, in fact, the concept of the rural electricity supplier than what 4G 5G, the concept of at least 20 times real. On the one hand

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