The success or failure of group buying website in 2011

2011 is the end of the war can make a group purchase, all earned, to lose thanks to almost the final victory is the "penguins", is the group purchase website alliance. By the United States Groupon it. Who is it? I recently heard that Tencent small warning Groupon: Chinese territory to listen to me, it seems that after the end of the big buy melee, is the era of the three kingdoms.

Firstly, we analyze the

Chinese group purchase website alliance, handle network, the U.S. group, sold out, F group, group 800, queen group and so on are the league, unanimously, external governance and "enclosure" if alone, it is easy to be the end.

QQ group, with QQ, with a Chinese most users is the most profitable group purchase, Tencent China Internet Co, the company’s cash reserves reached $1 billion 500 million; with Chinese local users of the largest instant messaging software, account number nearly 1 billion; the first is Chinese traffic portal; ranked first in the online game market. Occupy more than 20% market share; e-mail traffic has already exceeded the NetEase, ranked number one. All of it, must be able to eat a cake. China is a tiger on the Internet, the strength can not be seen in general.

Groupon, the founder of a group purchase, Chinese gaopeng. Groupon founder Andrew Mason, money and power, fame and so on the advantages of resources, the only drawback is that it is not China farm, its biggest rival is Tencent. If the originator to enter the land Chinese, first to hit the "penguins" it seems that this battle is inevitable.

there is a possibility, "penguins" and "originator" I do not know how to. This year, there will be a brutal duel, who will be the last victory goddess?.

finally, let’s look at how the Groupon attack! Stand in the audience’s point of view, I still support the guardian of china.

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