Webmaster should be wary of domain name hijacking

    adobe.com internet.com, nike.com recently discovered, and so on, the famous sites are divided by the attack,   but the technology is not used by the attacker used before the invasion of the WEB server, modus operandi, change the home   the attacker uses a domain name hijacking attack the attacker by posing as the original domain name? Have E-MAIL way to modify the network solutions company domain name registration records, the transfer of the domain name to another group, the registered information is modified in the specified DNS server to the domain name record, so that the original domain to another IP server, usually the two servers are the attacker pre invasion control server, not the attacker has to. 

  the attacker in the end is how to implement the domain name hijacking attack it?  

1. domain name registration information to be hijacked  


Capital  Cities/ABC; Inc  (ABC10-DOM)

77  W  66th  St.

New  York;   NY  10023


Domain  Name:  hackjia.com

Administrative  Contact;   Billing  Contact:

King;   Thomas  C.  (SC3123-ORG)   [email protected]

ABC,   Inc.

77  W  66th  St.

New  York;   NY  10023




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