E-commerce website promotion should pay attention to links

in China, with the development of computer popularization, electronic commerce is booming up with, in twenty-first Century, it is entered into a new stage, among which the most fiery is online shopping, because of its connection with ordinary people is the most direct and close and highlights. The following is the development of e-commerce website promotion strategy and promotion. In the promotion of e-commerce, some aspects are particularly noteworthy, so now, we’ll look at.

1, e-commerce promotion before the business budget

is not individual, or a group of, or a system by the company system to manage the website in time, e-commerce promotion budget, is the need to spend much money to implement, is one of the most concerned problems for the electronic commerce organizers have much skill to embrace much of the work, if the propaganda effect and the expected gap between can be disappointing, but the initial investment is too much, it could lead to death or even plan settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, causing other damage.

2, the method used in the promotion of

e-commerce promotion means a lot, there is need to pay, have switched, long-term operation will see effect, also can see the results within a short time, etc.. In addition, due to the specific e-commerce is not the same as the field, not the same audience, not the same as the specific service, and thus can be used to promote the natural way is not the same. So in this regard must be careful.

3, the promotion of data in the effect of

a series of programs to implement down, what kind of results? We can see from some data. The first is the change in the site traffic, followed by the site’s detailed browsing, third is the number of users come up with practical advice, which is the formation of the number of transactions to buy. This series of data to look down, can be more practical to see whether the current selection of promotion way suited to their current management website, there is now the site of service quality and customer service for the user question and marketing skill, business ability, competitiveness and so on.

4, after the initial consumption will not become repeat customers


store marketing, or e-commerce marketing, but also an issue of great concern to businesses is can be the first purchase guests into their regular, old customers, this is related to many problems, there are customer service marketing capabilities, quality of products businesses. There are businesses for sale, the specific price and customer purchase management and service quality evaluation. In these respects, the market competition is so fierce, had not "sell themselves" era, but also to pay attention to some skills. For example, a lot of mature operators, will have their own set of membership management program, for members of the consumer promotion program again,

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