Amazon in the eyes of a British seller people love and hate


an Amazon employee is taking off the boxes on the conveyor belt.

lead: the British "Guardian" website wrote today, describes the process of their struggle a seller and the U.S. e-commerce giant amazon. The article said that Amazon increased service charges and some strict provisions has let the seller very unhappy, but because it is the preferred site of countless buyers, sellers on Amazon even resentment, also regret this large-scale platform.

below is an overview of the article:


· Maurice (Ben Morris) and his girlfriend, Marie is a small business owners operating electrical accessories, three years ago, opened an online shop in the amazon. Maurice now suspects that competitors are tracking prices through software and then selling them at a lower price. Maurice and Marie are not their real name, because he wished to remain anonymous, so reluctant to disclose what product sales, but their annual turnover is about 3 million pounds.

Maurice said that if Amazon found that he publicly criticized the company’s policy, the intention to violate the strict rules of the site, they will immediately shut down my shop. I really love and hate the Amazon, they are the so-called "necessary evil" (necessary evil). I sell things on Amazon, you can buy things from it. I just don’t like Amazon’s attitude towards us."

with Amazon decided to raise the price of millions of electronic products, such as mobile phone chargers, headsets, etc., the seller’s discontent growing. This is also one of the measures for Amazon to raise rates of service for the whole of europe. In France, Amazon has increased the proportion of books and DVD sales in Germany, it also increased the proportion of tire sales in the proportion of the United States in January this year, in addition to taking similar measures.

Maurice had to pay 7% of the cost of the Amazon to pay, but he received an e-mail sent to Amazon about two months ago, said that from April 4th, the transaction rate of electronic components will be raised to $12%. "No way, you can only agree," Maurice complained, "the cost of Amazon has not increased, but businesses have to bear the burden of Sterling devaluation and a substantial increase in postal fees."

costs increased by

last April, the British Royal Post Office (Royal Mail) to make adjustments for parcel post charges, such as Maurice often send large number of small packages of businesses, the negative impact of price postage they bring in particular. The Department raised fees again this month, including fuel surcharges. According to Maurice estimates, the postage rates, he each to send a parcel, will increase 20 pence (about 32 cents) delivery cost, prompted him to choose other post.

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