Discussion on the establishment of brand and marketing channel of organic tea through nternet

on the Internet for organic tea brand marketing, our priority is to understand the organic tea, organic tea is what, in the Baidu Encyclopedia of the organic tea is the introduction of this: organic tea is a kind of production and processing of organic agriculture in accordance with the methods of tea. In the production process, and not use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth regulators, chemical food additives and other materials, and in accordance with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (LFOAM) standard, the organic food certification organization (NATURAL) certificate. Organic tea is a kind of pollution-free, pure natural tea. Organic food, organic tea is also China’s first export certification. In recent years, China’s total of more than and 20 tea production units to obtain certification of organic tea, organic tea base of nearly more than 6 thousand acres, the annual production capacity of organic tea has reached more than 500 tons (the main part of Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea etc.)….

through Baidu encyclopedia we understand that organic tea is not the same with the general tea, he is a natural, green food. So in the market of many organic tea, how can we create a brand in the Internet, set up sales channels? Business customers to cloud platform with small and medium-sized enterprises Internet marketing support services for the main business of the proposed study plan can look for us:

first, organic tea to do Internet marketing first to understand its keywords

organic tea, such as key words: green, pollution-free, pure natural, health, health, health, etc..

organic tea main words such as: organic tea green tea, organic tea oolong tea, organic tea black tea,

organic tea subsidiary keywords such as: organic tea, organic tea wholesale, organic tea manufacturers, such as

organic tea long tail keywords such as: Guangxi organic tea, Guangzhou organic tea, Fujian organic tea.

Investigation of

two and organic tea network

organic tea, because of its specificity so much more expensive than ordinary tea five or six times or even tens of times the price, so he is also facing consumer groups. In the Internet marketing, we need to understand their heat in the network, we generally look for Baidu’s search index of organic tea and Taobao’s search index

Baidu search index:

Baidu organic tea regional heat:

Taobao organic tea search pillar:

Taobao organic tea regional heat index:

through the above data and network research we can summarize a few points for reference.

1 organic tea is a high-end product, the main consumption in the coastal developed areas.

2 organic tea brands, but well-known brands or national brands are very few or even no

3 organic tea identification and organic tea consumption are not popular in the market excavation period, organic tea >

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