United States mission, the public comment on each other infringement infringement, spring water buck

[Abstract] with the slowdown in the growth rate of the group buying market, group buying has become a commonplace daily behavior. Although the necessities of life, but is like a pool of cold water, it seems never to float to the surface waves, which can cause the concern of the capital market, it is difficult for users to also touch the heart. "Wind" stopped, and how to buy the site to fly


group purchase industry after the bloody warlords melee stage, has entered the era of a situation of tripartite confrontation. According to data released in mid July, the number of buy site has been reduced from 5058 in August 2011 when the peak of up to 176, while the U.S. group, public comment, glutinous rice accounted for more than 80% of the market share. Generally speaking, after entering the era of monopoly, the giants should be divided into their own sites, and secretly manipulate the market trends, control the overall situation. But I did not expect that the industry’s two giants to buy the United States and public comment began to pinch each other, the other will be on the court. Behind this seemingly bizarre event, the game is the strength of the two sides and helpless show.

litigation, what does it mean?

beauty group and public comment recently like a pair of quarrelsome lovers, the two sides continue to court. The first is the United States Mission for public comment to steal its website photo, to the court proceedings. This lawsuit was recently sentenced, Shanghai Xuhui District court to allow public comment on the removal of infringing images, and compensation for the loss of a total of 49 thousand and 400 yuan. It seems that things have come to an end, but did not want to comment on the public subsequently filed a lawsuit against the United States mission to the court of Beijing, Chaoyang District. Hundreds of pictures of reason is amazing — the U.S. group sued for infringement of its own copyright.

A mutual

staged a series of litigation, to lift the whole industry group purchase curiosity. To know the gods fight, suffer mortal, the U.S. group and the public comment as the big two group purchase industry, because the picture looks no infringement of this small thing you don’t strike violently indicates that the industry, and there will be a chaos? Once the U.S. group and the public comment sipolian a war, is bound to affect the industry trend and have a tremendous impact on many businesses and users, group purchase website.

brutal competition derived absurd showdown

U.S. group and the public comment on the reason why the war, from the perspective of the environment, there is an inevitable factor. Although the turnover is still on the rise, but the growth rate has declined, which indicates that the industry will gradually buy from the rapid growth period into a stable period. After the market growth rate is slow, the industry participants have to start to compete for natural resources, consolidate the existing market, and strive to get more market share in the fixed market. As a group of one or two to buy the industry giant, the contradiction is more acute, irreconcilable, conflict is inevitable.

from the two characteristics of their own, both sides have to fight against the reasons. In fact, the trend in the industry to buy more and more obvious now, the United States mission, public comment, the three giants have no real rival rice. But the United States has taken the lead in the war between the giants, this is because although

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