Talking about the rush to buy a website

limited time limited mode of shopping whether at home or abroad, has become an increasingly popular, more and more common way, although this model has been a lot of people continue to reuse can bring a lot of profit space, especially the shopping website launched a way seckill panic buying, in a short period of time often can make a bunch of buyers gathered crazy. Jingdong, Taobao, Suning, not only from the space from time to time this spike buying mode has been extended, but also with today’s annual double 11 double 12 shopping carnival. The main discussion here is the shopping website, launched a series of activities after why seckill panic buying, there will still be a lot of buyers complain and reviled, you can look at the micro-blog on each development after buying crazy Tucao users. Since the site’s spike buying can attract so many people to pay attention to and participate in, why do they bring buyers Tucao it may be a lot of white users may not know, but it does exist objectively.

first, the pressure of the web server. There are thousands on thousands of user requests, the web server pressure is self-evident naturally, to cope with the pressure have a large enough server request processing capability, which requires hardware and software costs, on the scale of the shopping website the server costs tend to be level of tens of millions of investment, so the small web server pressure large natural be not at all surprising.

secondly, the bottleneck of software technology. Do not think that the current information technology is omnipotent, there are still many bottlenecks in the software technology and enhance the place. Jingdong Taobao occasionally there will be a problem with the software technology and bring spike buying problems.

addition, a group of scalpers interest driven. Spike buying of goods, for example, will bring scarcity of goods, which will bring those who are interested in making money scalpers. As a result of the purchase of goods in short supply, for businesses to sell the goods will decide to make money, scalpers will extract part of the profits. And the online shopping platform scalpers have a lot of monopoly of technical staff, and even the formation of the scale of the operation of the group, for the purchase of the site to write the relevant code that is the opportunity to buy from the. This part of the scalpers involved, so that ordinary buyers seckill panic buying difficult.

But with the continuous development of the Internet

level, especially the introduction of technology innovation and innovation mode, and also the current mode of shopping website seckill panic buying continues to carry on, we also began to come into contact with various strategies and methods will bring.

first, the use of an appointment to buy. Millet phone for the first appointment to buy, including many of the current domestic mobile phone or smart device manufacturers. Although the purchase of goods is only a way to get a purchase, can not guarantee that you can buy this product, but it can be controlled to some extent, the amount of users. The way to make an appointment to buy is also constantly innovation, including the payment of appointments and free appointments, these two ways to strengthen the interaction between buyers and sellers, both to ensure that the

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