n response to the O2O question close the SF hey off false information

August 19th, SF PR person in charge in response to the twenty-first Century economic report said recently about two say hey "is gradually closed and the existing" Hey "all to be renamed" SF home "is not real.

previously, an article entitled "Hey SF off off, logistics chiefs Wang Wei for O2O entrepreneurs to pay four tuition for 1 billion lessons" article is widely spread in the WeChat circle of friends. It said the logistics gangster Wang Wei closed low-key scenery at the SF "Hey", claiming that the transformation and upgrading of the SF home".

printing store, a store from individual self closing, easy access to upgrade or hearsay, should be falsely enlarged." The responsible person said, the store optimization is the normal mechanism entity chain industry, SF business according to the overall market situation is gradually in the optimization of the layout of the community hey off stores. SF will continue to expand the community channel construction, this year will still be opened a new line of community shop.

the official said, part of the escalation of SF hey off stores, in order to better enhance the user experience community close to the community, and in a very long period of time, and hey SF will exist at the same time.

"We hope that

will be on the customer SF logistics experience, expand to other areas, to provide full channel distribution services for more businesses. Play sound SF community network and logistics capability advantages, so good luck will unswervingly explore close to the user’s business model." The responsible person.

the official said, some time ago, SF business has been launched for the evaluation and adjustment of hey off stores, "as a set of system stores after experience, we pursue the textual research and its independent operation ability."

May 2014, the 518 SF hey off debut, as online shopping community service shop, try SF in terms of O2O, to have been present in the country has nearly 3000 stores. However, the development of hey off has been accompanied by money expansion, shop location and unclear business model unknown question.

one of the questions that the community should be home O2O services, no one will go to the store to send. In this regard, the responsible person responded that, hey off itself carrying SF logistics service experience extends to community services, and with more and more people online shopping, has drawn the attention of the community residents express parcels of security and privacy, so many community residents will choose to pick up mail from store, even in nearby the community store address for receiving and sending information.

has no real question for hey Inn, the responsible person said, hey off is the line of community stores, and convenience stores such as 7-11, the mission is not exactly the same. "This is the first two formats, from the category, we will pay more attention to fresh, sea Amoy category, but also according to the community attribute in the store display seasonal fresh or explosion models of goods, convenience goods and other objects, to facilitate the users to buy. The convenience store to sell a large number of convenience basic consumer goods, and hey off, >

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