Taobao double eleven bet mobile client

morning news (reporter Han Yuanjia) this year, double eleven coincides with the workday, so the electricity supplier will bet on the mobile internet. Alibaba’s mobile phone Taobao said yesterday that it expects this year’s double eleven, Taobao mobile client turnover will reach 5 to 10 times last year, double the carnival will be achieved on the phone.

double eleven this year, users will find it easier to shop on the phone, this year will be the mobile Internet users a real Carnival feast." Ali wireless division director Shang Wen said, for this year’s double eleven shopping carnival, wireless side launched a lot of different PC side of the new gameplay, such as brush face grab red". Users simply open the phone Taobao client to take pictures, you can identify the appropriate ID, and extract the corresponding double eleven red envelopes.

it is understood that the current Taobao mobile phone users on the client has exceeded 320 million. The mobile phone Taobao monthly turnover is also rising year by year. In November 11, 2012, Taobao Alipay mobile phone day turnover reached 960 million. Shang Wen is expected this year, Taobao mobile client in double eleven shopping Carnival turnover is expected to reach last year’s 5 to 10 times.

mobile phone Taobao announced yesterday, the internal beta for half a year long public platform "micro Amoy account" will be fully open beta. Join the micro Amoy platform for public account operators to business intelligence to understand the first time Taobao mobile phone, access to the user’s browsing, shopping data and information, according to the changes of the information, adjust their business strategies, to the user to push the corresponding goods and information.

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