Dry cargo 3 minutes inventory Bang Class new business era highlight

lead: Bang Class fourth session. Honey bud baby Liu Nan: don’t do the wind; herd boy, babe network Zhang Lianglun: doing that only in the mobile station outlet pig; lechong Li Yuan: all with tails are our users


December 26th, Bang Class fourth phase of the new era of electricity providers in the Oriental media such as classes. 300 friends with to a new era of electricity supplier train ticket, and I invite you to its vertical founder together, starting on time, to a new future electricity supplier. Did not go to the scene of the buddy is not disappointed, the next Bang Class will continue to start this year, heavy venture entrepreneur lie will focus on 2015 under the age of 30 entrepreneurial upstart list in January 8th, not only the 2014 hottest entrepreneurial small meat to the scene, let the young people talk to young people; at the same time entrepreneur 8 the anniversary celebration, the mysterious and exciting conference.

and this open class, these wonderful not to be missed:


1, honey bud baby founder Liu Nan: don’t be juvenile wind wind,

" positioning honey bud baby is imported maternal sale, not all articles can sell in honey bud. In a year, the honey bud has experienced a lot, and all the beauty is pressure. We should choose beautiful things for our users. "

" next year, China’s maternal and child market will reach two trillion, including online and offline. Our understanding of the industry, the model is not important, the key is to seize the vertical population needs. The larger the platform, the more vertical the opportunity, word of mouth + social power in the maternal and child electricity supplier has not yet a good product form. "

" what is the high-end vertical maternal needs of people? Is it is authentic, Wumart, selection, good quality, reliable and fashion; is cheap, can sale, cross-border duty-free, brand direct mining; is a good experience, to the mobile terminal, commodity evaluation system, and buy Raiders commodity evaluation, logistics and customer service and so on, your biggest trade secrets, is how to obtain the user’s favor, and finally help the mother mother honey bud. Now is the spring of overseas direct mining, I am very optimistic about the evaluation of investors: Honey bud is an international trading company. There will be a form of honey bud: positioning based on the discussion of the community. "


2, babe network founder Zhang Lianglun: the only station in mobile air pig

" babe network is the main face of zero to twelve year old mother, maternal sale focus on non standardized. Why choose mother and child we do relatively early, this is not because I was a child his father, but from the user value of an entrepreneurial choice. &>

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