Buy web site does not give paper certificate court sentenced a refund

Spend 5000 yuan to buy GM Web site to certificate, company claims to print electronic certificate? Print your own! The company plan, the sesame lost watermelon.

Zhu Yuanning in China Enterprise Technology Group Zhengzhou branch of Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as enterprise Zhengzhou branch), CE Dongli Technology Group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as China), Beijing China Power Digital Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing enterprise) according to the term of contract delivery certificate on the grounds of their court, asked the defendant returned to the plaintiff 5000 yuan, and 1000 yuan to pay liquidated damages; termination of contract between the two sides in the power of general.

The 27 District of Zhengzhou City People’s court after hearing the defendant

powered technology group, the Beijing Limited by Share Ltd of China Power Digital Technology Co. Ltd. jointly refund 5000 yuan to the plaintiff Zhu Yuanning dismissed the plaintiff’s other claims.

has a 15 day certificate "time and again starting out"

In January 23, 2007

, a Zhengzhou city Jinshuigou the sea of the 47 year old Zhu Yuanning, and in the power enterprises in Beijing signed a contract of China Power Universal Web site registration agreement, the defendant to the plaintiff Zhu Yuanning registered "China foreign labor cooperation market" to the web site, the registration period of 10 years, the price of 500 yuan / month / year, total 5000 yuan. Ensure that fifteen days to get the certificate, or a full refund. In order to facilitate the settlement, the parties agree that all payments receivable in enterprises in Beijing by Zhengzhou branch or branch collection. On the same day, Zhu Yuanning to the China Zhengzhou branch to Internet service fee of 5000 yuan. On February 14, 2007, the defendant business personnel will be dated February 14, 2007 on the general web site registration certificate to Zhu Yuanning.

wants to print the electronic certificate? Print your own!

in Zhengzhou branch said in his January 23, 2007 submission, China Internet Information Center on the day of accepting the application and enter the database, China Internet Information Center after 15 days after the redemption period, will provide a "China foreign labor cooperation field" certificate. But the fact is this, as agents of the defendant, is never to provide customers with electronic certificate paper, electronic certificate is all according to the needs of customers from online print. Zhu Yuanning did not have time to print a certificate with no relationship. From the perspective of information and has now successfully registered China Internet Information Center in the system, after the success of the application within 15 days is also in February 7, 2007, Zhu Yuanning can be sure on the Internet to print their own own certificate. So the original told the defendant did not provide a certificate does not match the facts, because the electronic certificate has been fully printed. January 23, 2007, the defendant also told the business staff Zhu Yuanning has successfully registered, then the Internet can query, print the relevant certificate. Later, I do not know what the reason Zhu Yuanning did not print, and based on the request of the defendant, the defendant in 2007

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