Promote the search +B2B e-commerce to help enterprises develop the market

2008, the financial crisis and the roar, a sharp decline in global demand, "China manufacturing" into slow-moving situation. Compared with the impact of the global economic crisis on the physical market as a whole, the e-commerce market is still maintained rapid development. According to iResearch consulting statistics and tracking research, in 2008 China B2B e-commerce market transactions amounted to 2 trillion and 960 billion yuan, an increase of 39.4%.

professional B2B commercial search engine marketing director Chen Jinguo said a hundred responses to a single call, at a time when the global financial crisis, the B2B e-commerce enterprises break the bottleneck of development, win new opportunities for business development. The use of the network without regional barriers, low cost and high efficiency, small and medium enterprises can seize the opportunity to get new.

he said one example, management of raw materials semi industrial products, according to the traditional process of organizing sales team office space travel cost is a very substantial cost of surplus funds lack of small and medium enterprises in different places to develop the risk of greater. These concerns and risks can be solved and avoided by B2B e-commerce, therefore, open up the market to take the road of B2B e-commerce is more favorable to the development of enterprises.

the use of network marketing can effectively save the cost, set "+B2B search" e-commerce professional search engine business shops opened VIP shops a hundred responses to a single call, the service cost is 2300 yuan / year.

Chen Jinguo said that small and medium enterprises is a way to cut costs, but more open source. Hundreds of millions of online trading tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of trade, the investment return rate is very obvious, more and more enterprises are willing to open shops in B2B e-commerce, registered users will follow in a hundred responses to a single call.

statistics show that more than 80% of the coastal developed areas have opened the online B2B shops, more than half of the enterprises, online business has become a major part of the enterprise product sales trade.

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