Part of the Tmall store drugs disappear because they did not sign the COD agreement

August 1st news, today, Tmall Medical Center officially closed online trading function, all drugs must be submitted by the demand, the final payment on delivery. And did not sign the payment of goods (COD) agreement part of the shop, was temporarily closed the drug show, including the people’s flagship store pharmacies as well as a large pharmacy flagship store, etc..


(pictured: People’s flagship store pharmacies large daily drug category display)

general manager of Yixintang pharmaceutical business division Liu Lifeng told billion state power network: one church to follow Tmall steps to carry out the work, all the work is advancing."

As of

billion state power network press, Yixintang flagship store has been restored to some drugs show, but demonstrated only about 120 SKU, while Tmall pharmaceutical Museum platform, a pharmacy drug display between 600~800 normal number.

insiders told billion state power network, because some of the goods as one church not according to the standard classification, so for the time being is off the shelf.

people dispensary OTC drug category are still being closed.

Tmall medical museum interpretation to close part of drug category, "new information display sign supplementary agreement in the assessment, the indicators will be comprehensive consideration of merchants, batch signed."

billion state power network to understand, began on Friday Tmall medical museum began to coordinate with businesses, open prescription drugs before the threshold set, merchants signed the COD agreement, you can directly apply for prescription drug sales.

but signed COD to many small businesses caused great distress. Tmall Medical Museum a merchant told billion state power network, using cash on delivery, freight increases do not say, the return rate will also rise.

According to

billion state power network to understand, according to the provisions of article 177th of the new version of GSP, in addition to drug quality reasons, the drug once sold, shall not be returned."

drug returns need to be strictly checked back to the library, can not be scrapped. General business did not scrap qualification, but also to identify the designated unit, the cost of about 4000 yuan per ton." The merchant told billion state power network.

insiders said, COD will move up the cost, and non price prescription drugs have very low, enough to make those online pharmacy business headache for a while.

at this point, the third party B2C drug platform pilot officially quit the pharmaceutical electricity supplier industry.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in November 2013 the State Food and Drug Administration approved the 95095 pharmaceutical platform for the pilot unit, to carry out the first third party Internet platform of online retail drug pilot work, then the eight hundred party, shop No. 1 also received pilot qualifications.

in May 28th this year, Tmall medical library to the business release >

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