With the Tmall bar! Jingdong 11 also do a party to send red envelopes

last month, Ali announced that Tmall will join hands with Hunan satellite TV in the evening of November 10th launched the double 11 party, Feng Xiaogang served as the general director of the party.

Tmall, said the joint venture with the Hunan TV to create Tmall carnival night will be a multi screen interactive, reconstruction of consumer + entertainment mode of a new attempt. Consumers can through television, Internet and mobile phone platform, realize while watching the play while you buy, through multi scene interaction.

With the continuous upgrading of

Jingdong and Tmall double 11 war, the Jingdong also announced today, will jointly build 11.11 Jingdong Canxing production "Beijing" like night — large party song. And the party will be November 10th 20:00 to 24:00 in the CCTV3 channel and Tencent video and other video sites broadcast simultaneously.

according to reports, the "Beijing" like night "large-scale song by competing party Canxing production" The Voice of China "," Chinese good songs "director Shen Ning served as director, to the" masked "competing song form, pop stars will be divided into" Beijing team "and" East team two the same team, participate in the singing competition.

at the same time, the party will be the scene of the Jingdong WeChat roll the way to send a red envelope to consumers.

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