12.12 electricity supplier SNS aspect where


blink of an eye 12.12 so come, this service can not create a brilliant 11.11 we do not care. Frequent promotions war is bound to bring is not the feeling". Yes, it’s not just a demand, but a feeling, for the online shopping. Shopping is not something I need to buy. But I was infected with the atmosphere, and bought what is not needed. So where does this 12.12 start? It’s not a problem, it’s an answer.

12.12 ad

elevator in the eyes closed can think of it, always feel what is different, but never think. Until I read an article, come to realize that, yes, this time Taobao in the story line. There is no one piece of advertising, only a group of pictures. Now I have one thing, that is love, will certainly be a new story. What a good gimmick, start a new story. But this is not the key to small talk today, today we talk about small businesses small innovation.

1 to attract customers through small innovation

saw a micro-blog, said 12.12 electricity supplier is gradually tend to SNS. In fact, this is a trend in the social networking site has become a part of life, the electricity supplier should also be gradual socialization. Social networking sites have four basic functions: sharing, communication, application and interaction. In fact, these have a very good application, the best representative is mogujie.com and beauty. Many female users have been too familiar with these two sites, the same they have become the promotion of electricity providers positions. The characteristics of their direct on their own site, probably the electricity supplier to achieve the steps of socialization. For example, the 12.12 promotions, a lot of electricity suppliers through the formation of a small application innovation and buyers interact, is no longer a direct discount, but through the exchange, in the context of the user needs to decide whether to discount.

2 for the old customers to open exchanges, sharing platform

Xiaobian think, in addition to this, in peacetime, for those small businesses, it is possible that the social networking site to move to their own Taobao store. Do the successful point of Taobao stores have their own old customers, these old customers and even the seller is very familiar with, perhaps also with the exchange of experience, communication trends, etc.. But it is likely that these are private exchanges, not involving third people. With the trend of development of electricity supplier SNS, we can open up an old customer exchange platform in their own shop. In general since they met a store, in addition to the store itself, these old customers must also have a lot of common, if they are given a share exchange platform, naturally easier to retain customers, while expanding the old customers, after all, we all know that their development is fundamental.

3 to human driven promotional special

of course, the electricity supplier SNS should also be multi-faceted exchanges. >

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