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September 18th, 2016 CCBE cross-border e-commerce Seatrade conference and the 6 anniversary of Oscar will be held as scheduled, cross-border large coffee industry gathered in S& B as the theme, to explore the development of cross-border electricity supplier. Now the sea border for everyone to share large coffee are wonderful about

the conference invited to cover the large coffee supply, sales, marketing, warehousing, logistics, capital, services, policy support and other e-commerce industry in all aspects, have a large coffee with my own experience, regardless of the traditional PPT speech share, roundtable discussion in the form of cross-border electricity supplier model, the share of cross-border dry cargo the best quality.

with the dry cargo content, we will launch in late, please pay attention. Today, the first to the point of "piece", several wonderful quotes Xiaobian pick a large coffee for everyone to share.

Cui Fan foreign trade university professor

is a highly competitive industry in foreign countries, we can see that the most important source of overseas competition is the support of the huge domestic market. The advantage of scale market is very important to our country.

on the other hand, when the level of people’s income increase, personalized demand, niche markets have emerged, this is also a very important trend, these two trends seemingly seems a bit contradictory, one is the size of the market is a niche market segmentation, differentiation, and personalized needs of our how the enterprise can satisfy the two trends like this? I think the future competitiveness of enterprises, can reflect the strongest day, really beautiful, probably now is the use of Internet technology to combine the advantages of two kinds of enterprises. We want to combine it, to use the current technology, but also with the innovative model.


Chen Conge preferred CEO

in Chinese many people in Russia understand rarely stays in the e-commerce, aliexpress in retail market accounted for 0.4%, or 4/1000, in fact most of the consumer has not been monopolized by any platform. Of course, we know that, for example, the ability to get a strong site traffic in Russia, such as the purchase of Internet traffic is the dominant position. We do something complementary, I think we not only do not have a competitive relationship, there is a complementary relationship.

Wang Zhiwei nut capital founder

I think small and beautiful, either for business or as we do early investment, actually there is no choice relationship, such as entrepreneurship can choose not to make small but beautiful things, I choose to do scale up to want to do. This is almost no choice, it is necessary to go small and beautiful road. Because entrepreneurs have to choose, so investors have to invest in this area. About small and beautiful what is small, small, I think in the entrepreneurial entry point is small, can not think too much

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