Study on the marketing of pornographic websites

Our website has been a cancer on the internet. Although the state organs have been constantly crack down on pornographic sites, but it is still difficult to fundamentally eliminate pornographic websites. On the one hand is due to the background of the development of the universal web site to the outside world, on the other hand, porn sites to seize the user needs, in the network marketing practice, there are certain routines. We start from the study of network marketing, may wish to extract some of the methods and ideas worthy of reference for legitimate and legitimate projects in the network marketing.

"it is understood that the early establishment of general porn forum will be" free "slogan to attract" people ", with some posted" people "pornographic resources cultivating interest, ‘people’ addiction will gradually increase pornography authority, at the same time with close registration, free membership regularly clean up the active member of ID and other practices, have registered members feel that the existing members of ID become very ‘precious’, forcing members to obtain increased amount of post, improve the forum integral contribution value, this forum on the" construction "will promote the role. And in the end, it is to open membership registration fee. "When you get hooked, you don’t want to give money to the money," the source said."

"the level of membership fees to the rich degree of visibility, depending on the content of the site, generally provide" original "video download, or web site password will be more affected by registered users, because the yellow information is no other free porn website, make it feel" very rare "level high." From "Chinese porn sites inside money Youdao how to make" people "addiction", click browse.

it is not difficult to find, network marketing methods and ideas of porn forums there are these points:

1, content management: undeniable, shisexingye, porn forum has a richly endowed by nature advantages in content management aspect. Content management is directly reflected in the needs of users, a good grasp of the porn forum a considerable part of the needs of people, and therefore has the basis of survival and development.

2, first after the limit: This is to encourage the porn Forum Network Marketing and website operation characteristics of the. In the early days of porn forum the contents of the building fully encourage user participation through user rights, honor setting, integral to encourage a variety of ways to guide users to contribute content; when the website user groups began to swell, rich in content, by closing the porn Forum (or regular open) membership registration, clean up the active member of ID practices, the existing a member of the group website viscosity is higher, more actively participate in the construction of content to.

3, multi member fees: website management is the ultimate goal of making money. Porn forum through content management and the first to encourage these two restrictions, has gathered a large number of users with high popularity and loyalty. At this point, the implementation of multi-level charging member mechanism, a large number of new and old summed up the porn forum;

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