Taobao is expected to sell the fund at the end of August in the charging mode of exposure

(Han Yang) Alipay balance treasure in just a month sales record breaking ten billion yuan greatly stimulated the fund net enthusiasm. According to industry estimates, if successful, Taobao is expected to sell the fund at the end of August or the first trip, there are 10 fund companies on-line at the same time.

according to the "Guangzhou daily" quoted a fund company electricity supplier sources, Taobao selling fund charges is the implementation of ladder type pricing model, namely fund companies stationed in Taobao, more funds sold, Taobao paid service fee is higher.

according to reports, Taobao had to send mail or part of the fund company through WeChat told the future fund companies in the Taobao online shop selling fund, with the average daily quantity calculation, regardless of type, sell less than 1 hundred million of the fund, the charge is 200 thousand yuan to the fund company; sell 1 to 3 hundred million, charge a service fee of 500 thousand yuan; sell 3 to 5 hundred million, charge 900 thousand yuan; and the price is 5 to 1 billion, charge 1 million 500 thousand yuan; sell 10 to 2 billion yuan, 2 million 500 thousand yuan charge, charge once a year.

in this regard, insiders said, the stock fund management fee is higher, if the selling amount, the electricity supplier platform still has some cost advantages, however, monetary fund, bond fund management fees for these products, itself is low, there may be peibenzhuanyaohe. "However, the risk of equity funds is relatively large, the IMF, bond funds these low-risk products are more suitable for sale on Taobao." Some researchers have pointed out that the development of electricity supplier channels, fund companies should still want to clear profit model.

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