WAL-MART push global e purchase, retail giants prefer cross-border electricity supplier

with the upgrading of consumption, and rapid development of the Internet, cross-border electricity supplier in recent years, air is filled, especially cross-border electricity supplier to the maternal and child oriented, with the opening policy and the encouragement of the child, a bright future "". Of course, the retail industry as one of the largest industrial chain, but also seize the cross-border tuyere.

Chinese and foreign retail giants to accelerate the layout of cross-border electricity supplier

with Tmall, Jingdong and other domestic Internet giants have entered the board, almost all of the traditional retail enterprises to enter the field of cross-border electricity supplier, there seems to be a showdown with the electricity supplier momentum.

March 23rd, WAL-MART announced the launch of its APP cross-border electricity supplier services global e purchase". Although earlier in June 2015 in Shenzhen launched the O2O service platform for quick purchase, the purchase rate APP only open in three regions of Shenzhen, Guangdong and Dongguan, relative to the global scale, such a strategy is not complete, so this is the WAL-MART zoom trick: WAL-MART China president and CEO Ke Junxian said, WAL-MART Chinese to do the real O2O retailers by providing online orders to consumers, distribution lines or store from mentioning the business, to achieve global Tesco business.

is reported that WAL-MART’s global e purchase currently has more than and 200 imports from the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea, is expected by the end of this year will be increased to 500. Cross border electricity supplier supply chain to take global procurement, all goods from WAL-MART self mining. Relying on its global resources and retail supplier resources, WAL-MART through cross-border procurement of goods, reduce procurement costs significantly, and WAL-MART China through its global store channel can receive from WAL-MART numerous overseas free brands, such as WAL-MART Japan supermarket Seiyu products, WAL-MART springvalley, the U.S. health care products WAL-MART UK supermarket chain Asda products etc..

as a giant German retail enterprises, Metro reached a strategic cooperation agreement in 2015 September with the overseas Alibaba, Metro official flagship store settled Tmall international, the official opening of the cross-border business, Metro in its business platform mainly introduced European goods. Last year to test the water 11 double success, brought a huge shock to metro, while relying on its stable supply capacity also allows Metro to do cross-border electricity supplier more confidence.

, the country’s largest retail giant Huarun million in the last year on the electricity supplier e million, its cross-border electricity supplier business is also synchronized on-line, the business includes electricity supplier + experience store + experience zone three parts. Through the introduction of high-quality imported goods, and rely on the advantages of its supply chain and bonded warehousing, combined with the line of the country’s more than 4 thousand store resources, to ensure the low cost and high quality products.

Flying cow net

Darunfa flag is on the line in September last year to join the global purchase, the cross-border electricity supplier. Flying cow network to buy the world to take self plus platform model, coupled with its procurement advantages in the supply chain also has advantages.

retail giants prefer cross-border electricity supplier, the future prospects of


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