Jingdong 11 double million special coupon delivery Meizu

with double 11 approaching, the major electricity supplier has opened war preheating wildly beating gongs and drums. Electricity supplier giant Jingdong has long been the first to launch activities in November 1st, the same day the phone sales top3 domestic mobile phones are millet, HUAWEI and meizu. The latest Jingdong double 11 advertising circle of friends also appeared to a veteran of the domestic mobile phone Meizu themed ads, but quite worth pondering, Meizu main venue concessions are quite attractive.

Jingdong in the circle of friends advertising screenshot

from the Jingdong in the circle of friends can see the advertising promotion, the arrival of the Jingdong today stressed orders tomorrow for 11 days of special events, promotions are carried out like a raging fire, 2 billion 500 million coupon Hao inhuman. The figure or "Meizu" two words, with 12 years of history "and" China article "two" capacitive touch intelligent mobile phone "Taiwan" China article "two" Taiwan positive press type fingerprint "" craftsman boss "label statement summarizes the Meizu technology milepost type event, the relevant language charm" "not" tribal "households" also make people laugh. As mentioned in the picture, as the quality of the Meizu Jingdong phone, for the activities of the two 11 offers of the activities of the big enough


million purchase coupon minus

Meizu Jingdong event screenshot


into the activities of the main venue, greeted by a multitude of names is the highest preferential coupons, coupons or even full 1000 by 100, while MX4 Pro is straight down 100 yuan, the new user collocation coupons and Jingdong ious full 1000 minus 50 coupons, the final transaction price will be very favourable.

There are plans to buy Meizu

mobile phone users, as soon as possible, Jingdong mall grab coupons, use the time from November 1st to November 12th, that brought that good. And the purchase of users will also have a chance to win $4999 worth of travel funds, as well as import, to send the bill Slide Show delicacy promotions, very attractive.

MX4 Pro 1111 yuan seckill Madden home

Meizu spike activity

One of the highlights of

Madden activities are also special seckill Meizu, on November 4th, 9 days and 11 days for three days, every day there will be a certain number of Meizu products for the MX4 seckill, Meizu MX4, Pro and EP-21 headset, only 1111 yuan can be 1999 yuan worth of MX4 Pro in the bag that is quite good, and accessories is only 11.11 yuan, with the theme of the price is quite attractive.

in addition to the above mentioned promotions, Jingdong Meizu special as well as free sweepstakes to send Charm Blue 2 phones and many hot selling accessories, there are more cool spot purchase PRO and charm blue series of products. The recent replacement demand and the purchase of mobile phone consumers may wish to visit Meizu, Meizu http:/> (special Jingdong

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