Taobao launched the sharing community wow and beauty and other competition

days ago, Taobao share community "Amoy share" officially upgraded to Taobao "wow" and this, sharing community and beautiful to say, and other sites are more similar.

it is reported that, wow, Taobao and beauty and other similar sites, are taken to show the way the big picture, and strive to strengthen the interaction between Taobao members to share the atmosphere. Currently, Taobao wow, including women’s clothing, men’s clothing, home aesthetics, interesting four categories.

, however, compared with other social networking sites such as beauty, Taobao wow share of goods is limited to Taobao, and beautiful, said’s products include other e-commerce sites. In addition, Taobao wow also support the user simply "like", "comment", "forward" and share the beauty that the community is more similar with micro-blog distributors will normally join the detailed description, and users will enter the share of personal space.

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