Amazon China cross-border electricity supplier two-way strategy parallel imports and exports

sina science and technology news July 20th evening news, Amazon China has recently revealed its cross-border e-commerce performance, direct imports and exports of the world’s two businesses have achieved high growth, the initial results of the two-way strategy.

data show that since November 2014, Chinese consumers to buy goods overseas Amazon site and Amazon China direct imports of goods orders have nearly 5 million orders. At the same time, in 2014 the number of Chinese sellers on Amazon’s global platform exports grew 125% compared to the previous year, becoming the world’s most important part of the Amazon shop business.

Amazon international brand strategy portfolio

from Amazon’s data show that in 2013 to 2014 all China sea Amoy trading orders, more than 50% occurred in the United States Amazon website, and in 2013 the number of China mainland cross-border online shopping reached 18 million, up 217 billion yuan of overseas shopping expenses.

According to the current

gathered many domestic sea Amoy users what is worth buying (SMZDM.COM) data provided by the overseas purchase, Amazon store, Amazon, Amazon, Amazon Germany America Japan and Amazon’s Myhabit, SHOPBOP. "The Amazon system", with a total of 71% market share in the Chinese sea Amoy market forefront.

currently Amazon overseas purchase shops have completed the strategic layout, the Amazon sites in the United States in support of 25 category Chinese has gathered Amazon direct mail overseas purchase shops, overseas products reached number 3 million, is nearly 40 times the business on the line at the beginning of.

this new model by China consumers, Amason overseas purchase store sales in June this year than in January this year, an increase of nearly 3 times, the most popular product for Comotomo bottle, since the November 2014 overseas purchase store has sold 140 thousand.

in addition, Amazon China close cooperation "imported direct procurement team and in the United States and Europe’s global supplier management team, to the brand side direct purchasing, stocking China Amazon, not only shorten the intermediate procurement, to ensure product quality, at the same time to the most competitive price, fast delivery of goods will be domestic consumers. 2015 to date, Amazon’s direct imports business compared to the same period last year, an increase of 160%.

more and more international brands choose overseas purchase store or to import straight into the China market, Manhattan Toys is one of them. As a well-known toy brand America is relatively high, Manhattan Toys took the lead into the Amazon overseas purchase shop. Good market performance and growing consumer demand based on the Amazon this year and further reached the overseas direct mining agreement, will introduce more than 100 star selection in the Amazon China website in the near future, and authorized.

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