Where the Dragon Sword marketing innovation

I always pay attention to PPG

. PPG the most glorious moment, I’ve done it successfully to share. When PPG collapsed, I summarize its failure. After the vancl.com, I asserted that it would die. But VANCL was beyond my expectation, not only to live longer than PPG, but also to be more brilliant than PPG.

as a network marketing, I am concerned about the success of VANCL, pay more attention to its marketing. From the point of view of 1.5 professionals, VANCL is worth learning. Crazy for the entire network from the recent "VANCL style", "Kuyt now" Wang Shuang network Reds settled online "dragon sword", share the game with the reality of where customers interact with friends, make it become a kind of fashion, VANCL again so I was surprised in the "! When VANCL style" popular, I wrote an article analysis, now I want to share every guest into "dragon sword".

to be honest, I basically do not play online games. If no implantation Eslite "dragon sword", I do not know there is such a game. But as an ordinary consumer, as a network marketing people, I am more concerned about innovative marketing tools. In the understanding of where the "dragon sword" after implantation, I have to do some investigation, and then from the perspective of marketing analysis. Have to say, this is a win-win online games implant marketing.

online marketing implants, in fact, a long time, and nothing new. And, when I was in college, had to send a message to the giant game, it is recommended that they implanted in the game props brain X gold, but unfortunately has not been looking forward to reply. In the past few years, I also studied a number of online games implanted cases. In contrast to the previous case, to see where the implantation of "dragon sword", visible where the customer’s innovative marketing.

a lot of Companies in the online games implanted advertising, more just as an attempt, and did not hold too much hope. The idea of these companies is very negative, if you can bring benefits to the enterprise, of course, is the best. If there is no effect, as a failed advertising. In such a psychological expectations, companies can not be a big investment, or with the game with marketing. And in every guest with "dragon sword" implantation, VANCL goods into the props in the game, game player in the course of entertainment, can harvest unexpected "clothes", which in itself is a great attraction to game player. While the game broke "VANCL", in reality can be exchanged for goods, this is a completely no one try, but can really meet the needs of the marketing game player, with purpose.

in such a where the customer is not implanted in the marketing, brand promotion, not only promoting sales, the more important one, game player has a certain consumption ability, can contribute to new users vancl. This part of the new user experience by the customer, can solve the e-commerce website first purchase predicament. >

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