Owners need to make money on the nternet thinking

a webmaster hard up a final purpose is to make money, but now many webmaster rarely do not make money or earn. Want to buy the domain name from the project, to find space in the program (to find some Adsense program or yourself), change the code, add the content, finally to the promotion of this is very troublesome, but is always behind the promotion and management of long-term work, since we should return to pay.

I am a new webmaster to tell the truth I do is at work I get money, I have built two stations a fee is free at the point of this network has been built for three months, now a little income are not, there is a site connected to a website just on the line every day; I will go on A5, the Black Hawk such sites look at other webmasters to write something every day can see the master how to promote your web site, how to make money through traffic, look at the same time I would go to think about whether there are other ideas, others have no idea.

today I see a news on the Internet, "09 years of virtual goods revenue will reach 1 billion, the social gaming giant benefit: according to foreign media reports, released on Wednesday by the" inside virtual goods "(Inside Virtual Goods) said in a report, due to such as Facebook and MySpace social network game has been on the site amazing development, virtual goods in 2009 operating income steadily towards $1 billion, more than doubled over the same period last year." In the sales of virtual goods is not so hot we can learn something from it? The big guys eat meat, the middle guy soup, can we and some water? I remember some time ago in the black hawk on see a friend to write the kind of auxiliary software by selling the farm to make money, buy a dozen to several blocks; I think this good idea. In fact, people want to come out of the way, even the yuan are created by people, people earn RMB that should not be very difficult thing.

article also mentioned: Smith said, no one had expected such a rapid growth in two and a half years, the value of the Facebook platform from zero to hundreds of millions of dollars. This reflects a wide range of social changes, people play casual games more time." From here you can see the money is mainly want to come out, if people think that money is not a very profitable project to go in, go in to die, not much better than expected future projects. And such platforms like Facebook platform will certainly continue to develop, if you do such a platform will be like?

finally applied to Ma’s words, today is cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very good, but the vast majority of people died in tomorrow night, can not see the sun the day after tomorrow." So stick to see the sun.

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