see the current status of e-commerce in China

with China Internet users continues to expand, more and more people are shopping, government, tickets, booking on the Internet, has been not fresh. E-commerce gradually extended to the mainstream of the economy and business core, to the depth and breadth of development, showing diversity". The main body of e-commerce is changing from IT manufacturers, media and e-commerce service providers to e-commerce enterprises, traditional manufacturing, intensive enterprises are entering the field of e-commerce. It can not be denied that e-commerce will be a new profit growth point in the future.

status: China’s e-commerce development challenges than opportunities

The rise of

e-commerce, China is more than a challenge opportunity. China encountered in the development process of electronic commerce issues, more than most developed countries, not only need to solve EDI business from closed to confidentiality and security issues change and open Internet business in the bulk of transactions, as well as the electronic taxation and management problems, but also has a series of unique problems to be solved.

1, network integrity has become a common concern of the public and businesses

report shows that the number of online shopping in China has reached 40 million people, more than 27% of Internet users have online shopping experience. In the absence of shopping experience of Internet users, 70.1% of users said they do not trust in online shopping. Shows that network integrity has become an obstacle to the further development of e-commerce.

2, China’s e-commerce market needs to improve

There are three types of

e-commerce applications: inter firm transactions (B2B), B2C (personal transactions between consumers and enterprises), and between individual sellers and individual consumers (C2C). In terms of its development process, although the volume of C2C transactions accounted for 80% of the market share, but there is a downward trend, B2C gradually upward trend, it can be expected that the future B2C trading model will gradually replace the C2C model. In Chinese, due to the supply of quality assurance, there are many irregularities, counterfeit goods and shoddy products, customer service service cannot cash and so on, so that customers of online consumer doubt, so even if the customer has access to the Internet, is willing to pick the traditional way. In addition, for online transactions, customers or businesses have no confidence in the safety of online capital accounts.

3. Online payment needs to be further improved

Needs the payment and settlement of

e-commerce, to deal directly on the network, you need through Alipay, caifutong or bank credit card and a variety of ways to complete the transaction, Alipay as the third party trading platform for online shopping security undoubtedly provides security funds, but in the face of trade disputes and disposal methods timeliness is still inevitable drawbacks, how to solve the customer service security payment, a major driving force to improve the confidence of users of online shopping.

4, practitioners need to strengthen the quality and skills of


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