Grassroots Adsense to enter the mobile nternet thinking

with " · · open; integrity; to meet the new era of mobile Internet integration — " held as the theme of the 2012 Internet Conference, IT bigwigs will be focused on the topic of "meet the new era of mobile Internet", and expressed their "Declaration", let more people realize again the bigwigs will set off a new wave of mobile internet. And Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Shanda and other Internet giants in the intelligent terminal, mobile phone browser, operating system, mobile IM, mobile shops and other different product line active layout of the mobile Internet, people have seen the hottest mobile internet.

obviously, the mobile Internet is a feast bigwigs, then for the lack of abundant funds, the lack of a strong team of small and medium business grassroots webmaster, how should they enter the mobile Internet?

webmaster dilemma

know many webmaster friends, deeply appreciate a webmaster is really full of hardships, to rely on search engines to get traffic to reach a transformation, update the content of their every day and night, real-time monitoring of Baidu algorithm change unpredictably, once the algorithm updates, the site may face the risk of trichotillomania.

at this stage China webmaster, is growing in the cracks, don’t know how to break through the shackles to be free. First of all, the relevant national policies have begun to stationmaster made strict restrictions and regulations, there are a number of web hosts are often stopped, so that visitors can not be normal login website to browse the web, some Adsense large user groups lost, some even directly off the bad situation, as can be imagined.

at the same time, they are also facing a single technology, limited resources, financing difficulties, the content is not rich, it is difficult to reflect the value of the internet. With the support of the webmaster search engine is not enough, the search engine optimization is not very ideal, want to end by PC flow is difficult to survive, and in the mobile Internet era, in the past 18 months, China’s mobile Internet traffic has increased 10 times, the current global Internet traffic accounted for 10%, the grassroots more urgent breakthrough the dilemma, through the mobile terminal to increase traffic transformation, improve website advertising revenue.

ship to sea

in the field of mobile Internet, as a webmaster they may not be rich handsome, just a group claiming to be "grass root" bitter. May not have used IOS or WP system, but must use the Android system, must have downloaded a wide range of applications, there are games, tools, video, reading, music, etc.. Webmasters may not be a technical house, can not do a variety of landscaping, game applications, etc.. Although not good at this, but there is no need to envy jealousy hate all kinds of financing, acquisitions and so on, since it is the grassroots, the location of the webmaster should be the contents of the traditional Internet to mobile internet.

grassroots grassroots mobile Internet opportunities in the future is still concentrated in the AP>

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