The future trend of maternal electricity supplier, will be the community + electricity supplier

in recent years, the development of mobile Internet to usher in an unprecedented period of rapid development of maternal and child electricity supplier, while cross-border maternal and child electricity supplier has become the majority of mothers who pursue fashion and quality of life weathervane. 2014, a variety of maternal and child APP quietly rise, in 2015, the mobile terminal to enter the booming period of maternal and child electricity supplier.


huge market capacity, attracted capital competition

according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that in the second quarter of 2015, China’s B2C market category of maternal and child transactions amounted to 28 billion 520 million yuan, an increase of 30.9%. On the one hand, China 80, 90 young parents accounted for new parents more, they are emerging channels the main consumer groups, have a good shopping habits, and have high consumption capacity, in addition, in recent years the rise of cross-border electricity supplier maternal in a stage of rapid growth, greatly promote the maternal and child products online sales.

According to

data show, Tmall, Jingdong, Su Ninghong children respectively occupy the top three, accounted for 46.9%, 22.8% and 5.6%, followed by 3.9% Dangdang Shop No. 1, 3.5%, 2.8%, Amazon Chinese 1.3%, 1.1%, other 12.1%; see below the giants in recent maternal market movements.

In the

platform Tmall maternal electricity supplier, either in PC or in the mobile terminal will occupy most of the advantages of user traffic, the recent news that the well-known German fashion brand mother lassing officially settled Tmall mall, opened the first Chinese official flagship store, lassing has a variety of practical fashion baby products in Germany, but in Chinese known to every family. In addition to capital sea Amoy family understand, in the Chinese and no great popularity, the settled Tmall, but also to expand brand awareness, to prepare for the open market China.

Jingdong, at the end of July, reached a strategic cooperation with Jingdong Wyeth, the new brand BabyNes will be in the starting line under the exclusive Jingdong Wyeth’s, BabyNes is the flagship Wyeth nutrition and infant nutrition intelligent system, the on-line Jingdong, mainly through Jingdong in PC and mobile terminal influence, enhance brand awareness degrees, and bring more security products and upgrade the consumer experience.

in the vertical maternal electricity supplier, after the red child is from’s $66 million acquisition, sharing warehouse logistics system with supply chain management system and membership management system and so on, anterior than before and better development, with Suning after the red child began to try O2O mode, through the combination of intelligent terminal, PC terminal and the next line of Suning stores, consumers will line the drainage to the line, maternal ecosystem to build "social + electricity + localization", locking accurate consumer groups. Recently there is no big movement in the maternal and child market, in May, when the introduction of the express breast milk >

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