Xiemoshalv Taobao attacks need to reflect on the small and medium-sized businesses to be rational

recently, Taobao mall new regulations caused some businesses discontent, part of the big Taobao sellers suffered a siege of two consecutive days. Some small and medium-sized businesses (which includes users) by buying goods, give bad, refuse to pay and other means of malicious attacks on Taobao mall sales top businesses, UNIQLO, starry, Ou Sha, seven princess mall sellers photographed a variety of goods shelves or forced off the shelf.

"everybody is very excited. These businesses are mostly knot grievances, Taobao mall regulation is very dissatisfied." According to informed sources, the majority of these businesses gathered Taobao mall small businesses, for the price of Taobao recently announced new regulations. If you rent, the landlord suddenly rose a few times the rent, let you one-time paid the rent deposit and increase several times, when it comes to the expiration of the house if the house did not damage it will be returned to you, you can rent? In real life, we can certainly find other landlord. But Taobao mall does traffic now in other places, small and medium-sized businesses early investment, moved to other places there will be losses, before the flow, brands are made of white. Small and medium businesses do not have the bargaining power and Taobao mall, uprising trouble is very normal, the uprising will be the first revolution of the big landlords, so that the big Taobao sellers attacked!

has been the Taobao Grand Bazaar C2C is the name of "free" and "supporting the small and medium-sized enterprise" banner to attract a large number of Taobao business here business, Taobao is also in these sellers grassroots support gradually grow up, become a domestic electricity supplier industry dominance. Now the big xiemoshalv Taobao mall began to increase B2C websites, many small sellers or start-up may really not get so much money to pay. Purchase, rent, where can make so much money? How to adjust the margin, do not make those left home industry don’t join Taobao small sellers do not feel



Taobao mall modify the rules, so many businesses damaged interests. However, consumers in online shopping, mostly through the business description and evaluation given consumers have to buy goods to decide whether to buy, therefore, business reputation and praise has become a key factor. Small and medium-sized businesses deliberately left the poor, spreading false facts, resulting in reduced merchants praise degree, belong to harm others commercial reputation and commodity reputation behavior is illegal, it may also be subject to administrative penalties. Or remind small businesses also not to disturb the market, not the way to solve the problem, not a mood about hurting others interests.

In this

organized retaliation, Taobao mall to reflect, to fully listen to the views of all parties, from price stability and support Small and micro businesses highly properly take positive action in response to related businesses especially small businesses reasonable requirements.

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