LETV wine ambitions financing for wrestling panoramic consumer market

Music Department of war emerging force network network, O2O wine competition adds a fire. The day before, as the holding’s ecological wine wine net electricity supplier network received nearly 200 million yuan A round of financing, investors include ICBC and CCB international capital and many other well-known international institutions.


financing will be invested in "wine ecological world" strategy, through the layout of the line "LETV living museum", build the culture as the core of ecological products, intelligent APP, in 2016 the rapid advance of O2O ecological layout.

from a channel thinking to the user’s thinking of the depth of O2O competition war opened.

full view of the consumer era is approaching

in recent years, electricity pack have in the field of O2O rattling. From the brewmaster network physical stores, by leveraging capital to 1919 mergers and acquisitions to expand O2O wine, and Goethe Ying Xiang has invested hundreds of millions of purchase also buy wine, wine and liquor circulation boss and 11 big business ventures with O2O, various attempts to Jones through the merger integration of online and offline channels to seize the market, channel thinking game winner.

electricity supplier industry analysts said, liquor electricity supplier if you focus on the upstream industry chain procurement trade, and then through the integration of mergers and acquisitions under the channel line, so that the O2O model does not have the core competitiveness". This simple integration of upstream and downstream industry chain, in essence, did not have a catalytic role in promoting the industry.

from the O2O concept itself is concerned, not just the mechanical connection of the online business platform and offline stores. O2O means the flow of information, data flow, logistics, cash flow, such as a comprehensive open, around the user needs, the establishment of multi touch scenarios model architecture. O2O is an online and offline panoramic coverage of consumer life. This means that the line "O" PC, PHONE, the need to open up the PAD, TV, and even the car side, the line "O" through the intelligent equipment, terminal cover, and the integration of logistics, services, giving users the ultimate experience fast. And these are the existing wine O2O electricity providers do not have.

at present, the overall market has "fire" to the capital and business model: the puzzle brought dead cycle burn, let the whole industry into the "financing – – – refinancing burn enclosure". In the final analysis, the industry needs to re understand the O2O, redefining the commercial nature of the mobile Internet era.

channel integration is only the initial stage of the O2O struggle. In the future, O2O will gradually return to the user level, the depth of competition into the mobile Internet O2O. Therefore, how to seize the consumers everywhere, how to gather the user fragmentation of time, the integration of the channel, through the application of intelligent processing of large data interaction will be the essence of liquor business competition O2O.

200 million financing layout O2O ecological

recently, LETV wine high-profile war O2O. Network network officially confirmed, and the financing of all inputs in "wine ecological world >

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