Gome online 11 double edge contact in the war

according to the peak brother just got the news that the former vice president of Kuba, currently senior vice president of Gome online Peng Liang may be recently left, now began to work alternately, replace Peng Liang is a rookie who identity is unknown. An official of the United States online said, "in Gao Xiang (the current Gome online CEO) under the guidance of the arrival of the people currently in contact and fusion under Peng liang".

look at those years, leaving the United States online executives:

2012, Wang Zhiquan stepped down as CEO kuba. After a period of precipitation, carried out the two venture, founded the vertical home textile electricity supplier".

2013, the original Gome online CEO, Gome online veteran Han Depeng resignation, current whereabouts unknown. Along with Han Depeng to leave as well as the original Gome online senior vice president of another veteran Zhang Bing.

cuts spending on advertising, making it tough for

new official took three fire, the first fire to burn the money department. According to a person close to Peng Liang said, Gao Xiang is very dissatisfied with the United States before the United States online marketing ROI, so every time the report submitted to the new marketing budget, Gao Xiang will cut half of the budget of". Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Peng Liang left.

The other

from GOME online ALEXA ranking (third party traffic monitoring) we can see that since the second half of this year, the United States online advertising spending cuts, the Alexa ranking from 1000 in July to now more than 46000 decline in the decline of nearly 50 times. Alexa ranking decline also reflects the decline in the size of its sales.

In the interim report on the development of Gome

, it has been mentioned that the electronic commerce". In this electronic business platform in the suicide, loss of competition pattern, Gome actually want to achieve profitability, which is really puzzling. As everyone knows, the retail industry mainly from the profit point of the scale effect and the marginal effect, while the United States online advertising spending cuts, and multi brand operation is to expand scale and move it is to draw further apart, small but beautiful walk the road electricity supplier.

strategy wavering, caused by marginalized

Suning Appliance with a firm attitude to the electricity supplier, Gome’s positioning of the electricity supplier is always wavering. Will be an independent platform for development, while the next line is the integration of online and offline. A brand is double crush competitors, while they focus on a single brand competition, even if the completion of two of its electricity supplier brand for the integration of resources, but still Kuba independent operation, the integration of the supply chain only. Of course, this is also related to Wong Kwong Yu in 2008. Wong Kwong Yu after the accident, the United States experienced many factions inside the factional struggle, high-level changes, which also directly hindered the development of Gome electricity supplier.

relative to the total revenue of 4 billion 400 million yuan in 2012, the United States this year, the goal is to achieve online and profit +

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