An orange is caused by the war, not Chu orange fresh electricity suppliers are how to do

since the beginning of last week, from a "Internet" orange, Chu orange caused business platform and the Zhu Shijian family disputes have been sustained, fermentation, public attention has focused on the cut and chaotic Chu orange online distribution rights and Zhu Shijian large family rashomon. However, from the dispute and out, people can not help but doubt, why in order to one of these electronic business platform has been held the red fruit single product arguing, reportedly hundreds of billions of market fresh dishes, is only an orange by leveraging, than in the Chu orange tree hanging on



The essence of Chu orange

snatch electronic business platform is the potential of micro

according to media statistics, at present for the hundreds of billions of large plate business platform has nearly 4000, in such a fierce competition, a comprehensive business platform and the large flow of fresh electricity, a red 3 years of a single product, it highlights the potential of micro business platform, no brand support, it is difficult to form there is a breakthrough to the strength of the platform. Further, Chu orange so that they see themselves do not have continued to build short board explosive ability, when all platforms are selling the same category of fruit, consumers with what products you pay? Everywhere is Akesu apple, Shandong pear, fruit of the origin of the cognition of consumers usually have on the platform of cognition, how to seize the hearts of consumers have no core products? So we firmly grasp the "Chu orange", has become a shortcut platform for sales and marketing, but not how to do one hundred billion market leverage Chu orange? Where is


let’s start from scratch, the fruit category itself is difficult to standardize the goods, variety and no differentiation. The traditional offline store business, super large wholesale markets, chain stores, community to the fruit market and even community convenience stores are selling fruit quality, price is uneven in quality, comparison. So fresh electricity supplier in addition to the advantages of online purchase and delivery convenience, but also to meet the user high quality products and help them make consumption decisions in complex fruit varieties in demand. However, the actual situation is now mostly business platform to make every effort to enrich SKU, to meet the broader needs of users, the product is not ultimately lead to recognition, it is difficult for users to make a purchase decision, "Chu orange" appears with a number of the feelings of the fans had a great effect on the platform to help attract traffic. But this is a dispute, these electronic business platform to pull up short board by Chu orange desire can not be achieved, not to mention the packaging by personality Zhu Shijian personal legend is not sustainable, Pan Pingguo, Liu Tao does not succeed easily can be seen today, "Chu orange" brand disputes remove these inspirational feelings will eventually take the fruit coat, Internet brand favorability exhausted. If you want to rely solely on fresh talent shows itself to attract users, the product brand, will always be beaten in a passive position, with its own brand, to control the source of the supply chain, brand fans, platform to enhance the comprehensive operation ability, this is the brains to the platform.


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