Electricity supplier logistics last one hundred meters, the road a lot of problems

electricity supplier logistics user experience "last one hundred meters" is not easy. The rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, the number of express more and more people are not delivered, remote areas and other issues are not good to send endless. The solution to this problem is also put forward many, now some of the more popular since the model, electricity supplier self express courier from mentioning, since some cooperation with the convenience store, since some courier companies to establish their own. However, the trend shows that these are not the way to mention intelligent logistics cabinet to more convenient.

logistics has a cabinet name, called the city chain of private warehousing company delivery points. Eventually, the logistics of the last one hundred meters, is bound to rely on "self" to solve the. The home area at the entrance there is a row of cabinets, express the goods into the mobile phone to the user through the system to send SMS code, users with extraction code can be opened with the parcel cabinet, no one at home in case of the use of a few times, I feel it is quite convenient.

in the electricity supplier and express cooperation among them, intelligent logistics cabinets will become a new means of logistics. Express labor costs are rising, the emergence of the logistics cabinet to express company share a lot of pressure, improve delivery efficiency, but also indirectly reduce the logistics cost of the electricity supplier company.

to the mainland’s well-known self Jingdong electricity supplier, for example, Jingdong has its own logistics system. Now Jingdong is also in office buildings, universities, communities and other places to set up logistics cabinets, user-friendly, and truly the goods directly to the hands of customers. Not all of the electricity supplier companies can be like Jingdong, but you can also and courier companies, intelligent logistics cabinet supplier cooperation, this delivery mode, will form a chain of electricity providers, users and courier companies to benefit together.

now do intelligent logistics cabinet enterprise at least 100. The industry does not have a very authoritative standards, each enterprise may have their own business. Therefore, there are many problems to be solved.

the first category is the logistics cabinet itself when used problems.

nobody knows.

although some of them are very convenient, very practical, but users do not know, the use of greatly reduced. Early publicity is not in place, a large cabinet placed there, if people do not know what it is doing, it lost its meaning. Some of the electronic intelligence equipment is not sensitive to the masses, such as home appliances are not commonly used in the elderly, may not be interested in the logistics cabinet.

cabinet size mismatch.

not all goods can be used from the logistics cabinet. Some of the volume is too large, can not put into the cabinet, or the delivery of fresh food category, in the cabinet is not easy to store.

responsibility problem.

if the logistics cabinet in the express cargo damage, then it is difficult to determine the responsibility is to express, or business. Express package for valuables, but also most of the recipients need to sign for me

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