Taobao policy adjustments have been based on the shelves of mobile terminals or into a new battlefie

JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ao Xiaobo) due to the adjustment of the policy of Taobao, making the fund shop have the next monetary fund, fund sales focus on higher risk equity funds, bond funds transfer. Market analysts believe that the future development of the fund blocked shop, Internet sales channels quietly transition, mobile terminals or will become a new battlefield.

from October 1st this year, Taobao to fund the company adjusted in Taobao fund product sales service fee, monetary fund and equity fund will collect 1003 service fee.

it is understood that, due to cost considerations, at present, Taobao cargo base has all the shelves. The fund company said, Taobao to fund collection each 1003 sales service fee, C funds and currency, financial funds will have a serious impact. Because such funds do not charge subscription fees, investment management fees or sales and service fees to be maintained by investors during the period of holding investment.

At present, financial

monetary fund management fee in 1003, in accordance with the new tariff rules of Taobao, that is to sell a single annual management fee contribution to Taobao, as investors hold less than a year, or foreclosure repeated several times, the fund company will suffer loss.

good buy fund analysis said that this policy adjustment is a major blow to such funds, fund companies under the framework of these funds is also helpless. At the same time, the front of the purchase cost of a fund will usher in opportunity, the purchase fund online subscription fee in front 10006, Taobao charges more than sufficient burden. It can be expected that the focus of Taobao shop on the sales of the fund’s future will be low risk of currency, financial funds to higher risk equity funds, bond funds transfer; in these funds, will be forced by encouraging short-term timing C funds, to encourage long-term holders of class a fund transfer. With the future development of the fund blocked, the mobile terminal or will become a new battlefield.

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