Taobao shop operators to promote the two passwords

for a lot of new Taobao, he opened a Taobao shop, but I do not know how to start, very confused, no flow shop, not sell goods. Also read a lot of tutorials, I do not know how to start to optimize their shops. In fact, as long as you grasp these two points, the flow and conversion rate. A lot of Taobao sellers, the biggest problem is the flow, to consult the owner of Taobao Li Leiting, most of them only consulting traffic, as long as there is a flow, the store business will be booming. They also went to see a lot of traffic tutorials, can do it yourself, I feel very difficult to start.


actually traffic this, there are a lot of ways, such as common: Title Optimization, through train, Taobao guest, links, Taobao official activities, third party activities and station traffic, etc..

traffic so much, a lot of people on a one to engage, each do not fine, do not mean that you do not get too much traffic. Although the whole network marketing is popular now, you need to layout, as long as there are potential customers in place, you have to let your advertisement in there, you have the energy problem? Do you have the money? You have the professional ability of


so, Li Leiting suggested that more focus on one or three sources of traffic, and to do fine bigger, it is enough for you to flow. If your budget is relatively small, do not want to spend too much money, then you can choose a free need promotion means, such as: Taobao, Taobao, gang forum Title Optimization, Taobao customers, Taobao and outside the station QQ group promotion, forum posting, free SEO ranking, micro-blog, WeChat, soft and so on. If your budget is sufficient, then you can consider to drive through the car, do hard wide or spend money to find someone to help you do promotion.

More than

of the flow mode, select 1-3, and then a large number of execution, your store traffic will certainly have a wide range of promotion. Talk about the conversion rate, a lot of small sellers for the conversion rate is not enough, but this is very important, the conversion rate, determines the size of your flow value. But generally small sellers because the budget is not much, so there is no way to find professionals to redesign the revision, and even can not afford models, etc.. How to improve the conversion rate of low cost for small sellers will be more cost-effective.


conversion in general there are two main aspects, on the one hand is the shop decoration, on the other hand is customer service. For customer service, take a look at the free online tutorials, and then practice their own, almost the same. This is difficult for store decoration, a lot of the seller. Some shopkeepers asked me, is not to re decoration shop. Shop decoration, you spend thousands of dollars to decoration, you can spend a few million renovation. Start from the store, and then collect material, art production, page layout, to

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