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according to the data show that in 2012 there are more than and 100 generations of West Lake operating company closed down, the electricity supplier on behalf of the development of the operating industry confusion, the industry showed extreme instability. When Xu Jungang left Ali, could not wait to think into the electricity supplier services industry, industry analysis, prospect analysis to his friends advised him to slow to adventure. Xu Jun replied "industry reshuffle, it is a good time to" the strength to fight, then decisively established Hangzhou’s Poly Agel Ecommerce Ltd, set up their own electricity supplier team · · · · · · now, as he created sungi electric business to provide full channel business solutions plan, entered the steady development stage, has gradually become the leading electricity supplier service providers.

catch the Internet Express, into the electricity supplier industry

As everyone knows,

, with the advent of the Internet era of e-commerce, technology development change rapidly, now the Internet has become a professional computer enterprises blossom everywhere, many students sought professional college entrance examination.

1999, Xu Jun entered the Zhejiang University of Technology majoring in computer science. At that time, China’s Internet industry is still an emerging industry, Ma with 500 thousand yuan back to Hangzhou to develop Alibaba website, e-commerce has just entered the line of sight of people, far less prosperous than now.

four years later, also in 2002, the major portals, the rise of NetEase shares led the NASDAQ began, Xu Jun also graduated from college. And many computer science graduates, Xu Jun looks forward to the highest point in the world he will stand, and hold a strong technology, is bound to be unlimited future. At that time, he never thought of the future one day, he will join the country’s largest electricity supplier platform Alibaba, involved in e-commerce industry.

Internet is exotic for Chinese, but eagerly awaited by the people, the Alibaba, etc. the rapid development of e-commerce website in Chinese. 2003 to 2007, the development of e-commerce has been a rare historical opportunity to support the development of e-commerce infrastructure and policies have also been developed during this period.

major in computer, working in the field of Internet Xu Jun deeply feel the change and development of electronic commerce, dare to try, he had a strong interest in e-commerce, although never in-depth understanding of the industry, but has a keen sense of smell, he has been aware of this industry has a great development prospect.

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in 2007, he began planning to try to get involved in e-commerce, and successfully joined the Alibaba group as a project manager, the successful completion of the Internet from the traditional industry to the electronic commerce industry gorgeous.

left Alibaba, only to focus more on the electricity supplier services

Xu Jun is a person who thinks ahead and likes challenges

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