nternet thinking, do you have

2013, the word Internet thinking is popular, and fiery are thinking of using the Internet to create a miracle of millet, logical thinking, Huang Taiji pancakes, carved sirloin……

"Internet thinking" the first mention of the phrase should be Robin Li, in 2011, in a number of speeches in the speech of Robin Li, once referred to the concept.

2012, Lei Jun began to frequent mention a related vocabulary — Thinking of the Internet, in addition to many Rice noodles very respected, and did not cause other people including the media follow up.

2013, with Lei Jun exposure continues to improve, some people from the media such as Luo Zhenyu began to frequently referred to the Internet thinking, some TMT industry reporter also began to use the word.

November 3, 2013, the news network released a special report: Internet thinking brought what?

November 8, 2013, the pony brother in a statement, with the word is the conclusion: the Internet has changed the music, games, media, retail and financial sectors, the future of the Internet will change the spirit of every industry, even the traditional enterprise also can not think of how to combine the Internet, but must have Internet thinking.


for Internet entrepreneurs, if you do not have the Internet thinking, it will be a very dangerous thing!

here, the Internet entrepreneur’s home, will share with you: what will the Internet will bring us.

first, free is the main manifestation of the Internet thinking.

Internet Co first free (products, information, courses)…… Attract a large number of users, and then look for profit model, value-added services charges. For example, Tencent QQ free, it will increase the number of games, such as QQ show any charge items at the top. For example, 360 free software, through the navigation traffic charges, Taobao and Baidu, are paid search rankings……

do not look down on this free, take the training industry, the traditional training companies to rent a hotel, the people gathered together, the charges can reach tens of thousands, or even millions. The second day, you can buy the same training video on Taobao, the price is too low for your nosebleeds…… In the Internet, knowledge is not valuable, if there is a person with the Internet to think of such training free of charge, with value-added service charges, the line of those training companies still have room for survival?

Lei Jun of the 100 education network, the implementation of the TOEFL IELTS intensive permanent free action, which means that good to learn to make progress, the majority of young people to learn the market battle started. Learners will get more free products and services, but those schools under the line how to fight


Internet entrepreneurs who, regardless of your strength is large or small, as long as you can understand the Internet thinking, you can subvert the line of many industries!

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