99% of the company’s Web site is a fatal disease

is very tired and busy today, but my mood is still very excited, I can not help but want to have been concerned about my business users some suggestions and advice. Recently, many enterprise users to contact me about psychological marketing and put forward some opinions on the site, the most impressive is a Alibaba and enterprise users, he sent me a he in the Alibaba of a website, I was a little depressed at that time, I was surprised and asked: your business is not an independent professional website and independent domain name? The answer: no


I was very excited to say to him:

would you like to have more orders on the Internet,


do you want to build a brand on the Internet?

do you want to make more money on the Internet,


you want to create a brand, an independent domain name and website are not, what do you want to build a brand? The most basic are not, how do you stand on the Internet?

, a web site is a brand, your website is your brand! If you want to do a good job of enterprise network marketing on the Internet, so you must have a professional website, even if an independent domain names are not, then how to create your brand? Are you willing to your business the image is bidding in the boundless sea of the Internet who drowns the, would like to stay in the entire Internet business alone Ngau Tau, way ahead? At this moment, I have to give you the enterprise user calling: you must pay attention to the construction site and the construction of its own brand! So in the construction site in

should pay attention to what the problem?The construction site of

is not only for the user, but also should pay attention to the coordination of search engine marketing structure and layout of the site! That is to say the website construction is to the user and the search engine spiders see the user: professional website, website appearance, website interaction, website, website navigation clear the station search, especially the theme positioning of the website; search engine spiders: static pages are more conducive to the spider crawling site maps to the spider crawling, the website keyword selection is very important, the title of the site needs to contain the keywords, description mainly contains the main keywords, also need to update the elements of a web site in! Here is a simple, can’t write detailed, write about these points just let business users pay attention to it, then Look for professionals to get these!

if you are selling products, in the construction site to marketing factors into account, the page only good-looking, but this is not the marketing elements no! We are selling products, the result is what is the volume, and therefore must combine marketing in the construction site, such as the most prominent home place some promotional pictures, or free what, if you know how to write the psychological marketing copy, if your site’s marketing efforts to quickly capture the visitors in the 30 minutes the heart, if your site can in a very short.

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