Ali spent $1 billion holding Lazada is Southeast Asia electricity supplier boss

the afternoon of April 12th, the Alibaba group announced that it will spend $1 billion to subscribe for a controlling stake in Lazada, of which about $500 million for Lazada subscription of new shares, the remaining part of the specific for the acquisition of equity to shareholders.

Alibaba group president Michael Evans said that the investment in Lazada, making Alibaba into a large and growing consumer groups outside China’s electronic business platform. Lazada group chief executive officer Max Bittner said that the cooperation will provide consumers with the most abundant and unique products.

a Singapore based company, founded in 2012, is holding the "Southeast Asia Amazon" vision, carry out the service in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam in 6 countries. According to Internet Live Stats data show that the population of contract 560 million of the above countries, the number of Internet users is about 200 million, the current electricity supplier accounted for only 3% of the amount of total retail sales in Southeast Asia, in China, the number is more than 10%.


is the largest electricity supplier in Southeast Asia, Lazada 2015 annual turnover of only $1 billion 300 million (about 8 billion 400 million yuan). Ali last year, the total retail sales of more than 3 trillion yuan, the electricity supplier market in Southeast Asia, the potential has not been fully aroused.

February 2015, Lazada began to invest in China, as of the end of last year, 6000 Chinese sellers settled. Accounted for nearly 40% of total Lazada sales of electronic products, most of which are purchased from china. Ali’s investment will help local businesses in Southeast Asia, Ali platform brands and distributors to enter the consumer market in Southeast asia.

Ma Yun said last year, I hope the future of overseas revenue accounted for more than 50% ali. Southeast Asia is regarded as the largest emerging market in addition to India, many China Internet Corporation products in Southeast Asia is also good response. Such as WeChat, long occupied the first place in the app store in Southeast asia.

With the gradual maturity of the domestic

market, Chinese enterprises overseas layout in order to seek new growth point has become a trend. Such as 2 years ago, Alibaba invested $250 million in Singapore Post, in order to build a cross-border electricity supplier logistics platform. Jingdong in the last year of the Indonesia quietly on the line of subdomains, will carry out business in indonesia. This year, Ali is invested in India, the third party payment platform Paytm and Snapdeal platform in India local electricity supplier, "entering India" goal within reach.

back to the Southeast Asian market, this is a need to develop fertile soil, but also there are all kinds of challenges of the wild.

Pingwest product team had previously played in Vietnam and Indonesia

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