The online shopping in the end is awesome enough money or money

in the end of each year, when the supermarket discounts are the most crazy, I do not know when to start, online store is also the heritage of this "good" tradition, and play more awesome than the store. In all kinds of cheap temptation, online shopping became our way to save money or burn


to the end of each day, one after another, let the network businesses have more reason to create business opportunities, Chinese consumption habits only at the end of the year when the most willing, the most willing to bleed, and business is the rational use of this consumer psychology. According to the relevant data of a shopping guide website of the statistics, from the beginning of December, entering the shopping website’s popularity continued to rise over the previous three quarter average daily traffic increased by nearly two times the flow direction is mainly concentrated in some large-scale comprehensive shopping site, especially some discounts more crazy websites or complete special purchases for the Spring Festival website moreover, more than 2 consecutive days into the shopping station users reached more than 30%. Although the data can only be said to be a small reference, it may represent only a small part of the online shopping market users of online shopping habits, but behind every authoritative data, but also from a small portion of each together.

At the end of the

online shopping discount really awesome, is no longer limited to simple discounted concessions, more discount after full plus minus, some websites simply implement draw directly from single or super cheap berserk seckill is not small, the temptation for us. Is not discount more, we can save more? Or, indeed it seems on the surface. According to the real consumption figures to compare, the amount of consumption of online shopping may be far in excess of the amount of consumption, such as in the real economy is not well-off circumstances, to take a one-time $200 cash to buy love things, how many still have some scruples, but in the Internet, I believe many people will not hesitate to take love things, this is the psychological difference, because the real play is cash, and online shopping play just numbers.

most of us are born with more or less love Zhanxiaopianyi psychology, so there is not a super low price will be unable to restrain the emotions temptation, crazy orders, heart always thinking, so the price of cabbage, not back when. In reality, people often live frugally, on the Internet is generous extravagance, this behavior is also gradually evolved into the heart to stop the pain of online shopping.

is especially required to purchase special purchases for the Spring Festival end, in this era of soaring prices, we prefer relatively cost-effective point of online shopping, online purchasing and purchasing real but there is a difference, the reality can be planned to consumption, can hold how much cash to buy and reasonable collocation; many people online shopping special purchases for the Spring Festival not what to see Taobao plan, total ranking, evaluation, and map new, map grade, way to shoot down and finally discovered, has far exceeded the expected amount, and the real plan to buy goods but didn’t buy, also had to amoy. Like to the B2C site is no exception to the purchase of friends, often a large number of these large integrated shopping mall, activities, packages, and so on

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