Taobao shopkeeper online insults consumers were sentenced to lose 800 yuan mental loss

Lee in Taobao bought a book that is pirated, due to return problem with the owner Ms. Dong dispute, owner will her phone number and address and other personal information released and write articles abuse. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Haidian court, Ms. Lee after the prosecution, the court sentenced the owner of the Taobao public apology and compensation for mental solatium 800 yuan.

consumer Ms. Lee said that last July, she bought a comic book from Taobao online Ms. Dong shop, after the receipt of the name of a publishing house found to be fraudulent use of pirated books, she returned to the owner, but the two time to return back, indemnity and other issues have not reached a consensus. Later, Ms. Lee found that the shop owner since August last year, has repeatedly criticized her in the Taobao credit rating system, blog space and disclose her real name, phone, address and other personal information.

Lee angrily to court, ask to delete Taobao online infringement information, immediately apologized to the public apology and compensation for the Taobao online purchase books, transportation fees, telephone fees and mental solatium total of 1000 yuan. At the hearing, the owner Ms. Dong by the court summoned according to law did not appear to participate in the litigation. The court held a trial by default.

the court held that the owner of Ms. Dong blog several times in the credit evaluation system and its public the insult, abuse of Lee, and published its real name, telephone number and address, causing a certain degree of negative impact on social evaluation of Lee’s invasion, Lee’s reputation and its cause suffer from some mental damage. Therefore, the court ordered the owner to delete the relevant information on Taobao infringement, published in the Taobao apology and compensation for mental solatium 800 yuan. Ms. Lee asked the book fees, transportation fees, telephone charges and other economic losses due to lack of sufficient evidence submitted is not supported. (reporter Wang Qiushi)

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