Small flow to make millions of years — practical discourse

Last year,

wrote an article "how to make millions of years — a small flow of thinking" article, interested can see, causing many users Tucao, said I wrote a hole in space, there are a lot of friends to practice today, share experience under the project.

project name: City furniture custom

mode of operation: online network to promote drainage, offline experience store turnover.

is more popular with the words, this should be O2O, don’t understand these concepts, as long as suitable for operation on the line, he what the cat caught customer turnover is a good method.

the first thing you need to think about marketing is: who is your client? Where is your client?

positioning of the customer base is the first step in marketing.

customer positioning: familiar with the network, the network shopping has a certain habit, between the ages of 28-45, the newly renovated house, you need to customize a full set of furniture such customers.

best customers: the pursuit of cost, also have certain requirements on product quality, they will go to the supermarket to see the furniture, but I think the price is a little high, at the same time on the street shop products and do not, this kind of customer is our best account.

customers come from: 100% of our customers come from the network, mainly Taobao (Taobao can not open to peer imitation for promotion skills, methods, etc. to open slowly of anything, as long as know the direction, it is not hard, not learning, let staff teach you that the church is estimated do not have it), Baidu, 58 and so on, as long as the customer may be in place, you can go to the propaganda.

network marketing 1 stage, is to do promotion, drainage, a lot of business is not necessary to train customers, just intercept it, you can not go, where customers are.

is currently the main battlefield of promotion or Taobao, Tmall, Baidu, micro-blog, WeChat, QQ, of course, can play, network tools too much, the latter will write an article devoted to the analysis of the network marketing tool.

network marketing 2 stage, you can consider the training of customers, do word of mouth, interaction, fans, circles, etc..

network marketing in the 3 phase, do the brand, do the system, do the model, such as

for small and medium enterprises in the traditional customers, do not worry the first step, not fashionable, what is hot on what actually is the network of veterans are no good, fresh style, skills, tools or stage, not to mention to have not come into contact with the network marketing customers, it is not used for mobile phone the apple mobile phone friends to play games.

first to do the most simple, the most basic to do, familiar with the network environment, familiar with the network market, and gradually upgrade.

continue to analyze the project

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