Ali Research nstitute of traditional retail license 8 points of view is false proposition!

Abstract: so far, the main application of the Internet in the retail industry is limited to advertising and trading links, and the potential is greater in the supply chain collaboration. Online marketing and sales did bring the expansion of channels, the expansion of the transaction, but can not fundamentally solve the dilemma of the retail industry: the contradiction between shortage and inventory.


2013-2014 of the Chinese retail industry, is undoubtedly the twists and turns in the year of change, one is retail shops are frequent, the other side is O2O can be heard without end. At the same time, due to the different levels of understanding of the Internet, the industry is also filled with colorful and complex information: there are pessimistic, there is vision and expectations, more tangled and repeated. So, in the next 5-10 years, China’s retail industry will go from here? How to embrace the Internet retail entities? These are very concerned about the topic of the industry. Based on the observation and research Ali Institute, we put forward the following views and industry friends.

1, on the whole, the decline in the real retail industry or false proposition

business premises in China, the overall trend of expansion. According to the National Bureau of statistics data, in addition to a slight decline in 2012, China’s commercial housing area to maintain positive growth. 2011 -2014, commercial business space sales grew by 12.6%, -1.4%, 9.1%, 7.2%. Especially in 2014, residential, office building sales area fell sharply in the case, commercial business premises contrarian growth. From the sales point of view, the total number of social zero also maintained for two consecutive years of double-digit growth.

2, part of the entity’s business decline mainly from the transfer of consumers and their own model defects

on the Internet, social networking and big data for consumer empowerment situation has undergone major changes in dominance Chinese business, truly entered the era of consumer sovereignty, to the traditional business center, relying on the geographical position of monopoly business of the era of the past. A new generation of digital consumers not only a large number of online migration, and it is the new technology "empowerment", has undergone a fundamental change in consumer behavior and consumption idea: from "into" informed "with very limited knowledge and scanty information"; from "isolated" to "connect"; from "passive" to "actively participate in".

secondly, the defect of its own business model leads to multiple bottlenecks in inventory backlog. Widely used Chinese department stores "deduction associates", not business goods, nor direct customer service, lost the basic function of the retail industry. At the same time as commercial real estate, commercial service tools provided for the brand’s single, limited to the cashier and property management; chain supermarket "front margin + background gross profit model of supply chain deformity, difficult to form the harmonious development situation.

third, the first tier cities commercial real estate is also an important reason for excess. According to the survey of Jones Lang LaSalle, by the end of 2012 China has opened the shopping center has about 3100, 2>

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