Corn worm eyeing Zhao Benshan Drama Mr. Big is not out of the domain name was registered

corn worm eyeing Zhao Benshan Drama: "Mr. Big" not out, has been registered by

day before, Zhao Benshan’s "Mr. Kanto" has just announced the official start scheduled for late July, "Mr. Big" is corn worm eye, the domain name and has been a Shandong corn worm registration, and shouted at the transfer.

According to

, an area of 280 thousand square meters, total construction area of 38 thousand square meters, composed of 7 regions, with all kinds of building 177 at the end of the Qing Dynasty Town East, specifically for the "Mr. Kanto" renovation of 37 exclusive rooms. Yesterday Kanto movie relevant responsible person said in an interview, in order to facilitate the Zhao Benshan crew in this movie, the movie related building as "Mr. Big" way, in the construction and decoration of many scenes, have consulted Zhao Benshan, "such as heightening of the height of the building, because the teacher is afraid Qipanshan near the mountains and trees take in the shooting." In "Mr. Kanto" served as director Jiao Zhao Benshan broker Gao Dakuan, in an interview with reporters said that the script is also revised, the famous writer Zheng Wanlong in command of the team of writers is the final revisions to the script. The Qing Dynasty treasures DragonVenture mystery as the background of the drama, the old city of Shenyang is mainly about a man named Zhao Chunan (Zhang Xiaofei) who, in order to complete the last wishes of parents, embarked on a search for the sister (Yu Yuexian ornaments) journey. Although he is illiterate, but a strange combination of circumstances made the acquaintance of Harbel, after being called "Mr. big". Because of this, Neizhai Beller house three courtyards, as "Mr. Kanto" the main scene appeared in the play. Reporters yesterday at the Beller house to see the furnishings of his house is of fine workmanship, the furniture is precious camphor, and women living room is carved with room, porch and screen is carved with bamboo, lotus flowers, colors and patterns etc.. According to the staff, the film is a city in the country to buy antique furniture around the country, the cost of up to about 20000000 yuan.

The same

as the "northeast", who also did not expect that this drama would be so popular, believe that Zhao Benshan’s "Mr. Big" in the broadcast will be very popular, so the domain name "" and "" will also be unusually hot.

registered the domain name "" the owner told reporters that her corn worm less than two years, the registered domain name "" is pure fancy teacher Zhao Benshan’s drama ability, Zhao Benshan shooting "in" fire, "Mr. Big" that can quickly fire up, then his the domain name "" will be stained with the light of Zhao Benshan, did not take the first fire, etc. once the TV broadcast of fire, then his.

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