What steps need to open the shop procedures detailed steps which ah

through the high streets and back lanes from the age of six or seven, children sixty or seventy year old uncle, aunt, almost did not know Taobao, but they only know how to buy things in Taobao, but Taobao to sell things is not very clear, which are also many in the Taobao shop entrepreneurs. The so-called gehangrugeshan, but in the virtual world of the Internet, the so-called "mountain" is actually a window paper, pierce what all understand. Let’s take a look at the Taobao

shop how difficult!

the first step, we first look at what kind of qualified personnel to shop. Taobao provides all personnel working in a Alibaba, whether everyone are not allowed to create a Taobao shop. It is not difficult to understand, the industry’s unspoken rule, to sell the Deep-Fried Dough Sticks Deep-Fried Dough Sticks never eat, selling steamed stuffed bun bun never is the same reason. Ma is also estimated the Taobao as his Baozipu to management? In addition to the Alibaba staff, Taobao also from the "monogamy", proposed "provisions were only allowed to create a store". And this account is unable to create the U station and other sites, can not be created in Tmall stores, even in the 1688 products in the supply of information, order integrity services, seller initiated orders, quotations, orders and other contents of the accounts are not in the Taobao store.

Second step

real name authentication, Taobao’s real name authentication is more characteristic of it, we only need to upload a handheld ID photos, but the photos are not casually take a picture on the line, but for the seller hands holding identity card placed on the chest, the neck should be accurate the location below, and slightly forward. Both arms should be naturally bent, and expose the elbow, and the clarity of the picture is good, because the higher the real name authentication faster, otherwise it will be regarded as verification is not successful.

the third step, create good shops, in respect of goods, which we must pay attention to, in the absence of selected projects before do not rush to apply for a store, because Taobao provides all new stores if the number of baby for three consecutive weeks to zero, the shop is likely to temporarily release, temporarily closed shop, all buyers will not search your shop. If the number of consecutive 6 weeks baby is zero, then the shop shop will be canceled registration, anyone will be able to apply for the registration of the name of the one and only you. However, if you have to apply for the creation of a shop, there is no right to upload the user how to do


I suggest that you can first proxy software, open a virtual recharge shop. The benefits of virtual shop is that the low cost of agency fees, liquidity demand is small, and does not require the seller on the goods and delivery, the risk is small, quick. Game cards and mobile phone, can be washed, instant, capital utilization rate is high, up drill faster


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