DC industry is about to enter the era of electronic payment integration

the world has entered the information age, the rapid development of network economy, enterprise information, government information technology continues to accelerate. IResearch predicts that by 2011, the number of Chinese Internet users will reach 480 million people, the number of SMEs in China will reach 46 million 600 thousand, of which the number of enterprises with a corporate website will reach 10 million. Internet Data Center (IDC) will not only be the direct promoters and beneficiaries of enterprise information construction, its information infrastructure, supporting the increasingly important role.

with small and medium sized enterprises network marketing awareness of the importance of improving IDC service providers such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like a rise, the market is booming, at the same time, IDC service providers are increasingly recognized, the price war is no longer the key to success in the industry, instead of the service and brand. Service providers generally the strategy on how to build a team of technology has its own characteristics, strengthen the service quality and response speed of data processing problems, unified management, logistics, capital flow and information flow and coordination, to further improve the efficiency of the supply chain and enhance its competitiveness, enhance the core competitiveness in the industry.

in order to complete this change, more and more companies choose to complete the payment of money, liquidation and other funds management, thereby enhancing the market share of the enterprise, to bring more benefits to the enterprise.

as a leading payment companies, fast money provides one-stop payment services, including online payment, online payment, mobile payment, telephone payment, POS payment and other payment products. After the introduction of fast money electronic payment service, from the terminal to the customer agent in the domain name, host, CDN IDC service transaction, electronic payment service funds can be used to provide fast money, making the process more efficient. Relying on electronic payment services fast money, all kinds of products, funds can be settled in accordance with different amounts of settlement, billing and other needs of the free cycle. For the characteristics of enterprise business, as long as the IDC enterprises make the allocation of funds, can give money fast customized services, but also greatly accelerated the own capital turnover efficiency, enhance the financial and technical ability, and improve customer loyalty.

especially remarkable is that the fast money has completed a comprehensive coverage of the entire IDC industry of domestic large service providers, electronic payment services, including network interconnection, interconnection, 35 times in the power network and the new IDC industry all upstream manufacturers have adopted the fast money, the full electronic IDC industry capital chain. The completion of this project, especially for the development of two or three IDC agents provides a great advantage. Fast money through electronic payment platform, two or three IDC agents can complete the transaction and financial transactions between top operators, can also be done for the costs of its customers, agents directly under the next level of charge, and complete with marketing, such as Baidu search engine and other services between funds, obtain integrated payment services.

after the use of fast money, IDC enterprise payment information management work has also been obtained >

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